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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:43


Nonstandard concrete products are welcome. We make what other companies dare not.

Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of secondary concrete products. We manufacture nonstandard products, landscape products, L-shaped retaining walls, gutters, and original products. Our strategy is to specialize in nonstandard products rather than mass produce JIS-standard products.

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Sales Pitch

Objects/Design Concrete
Concrete can take any shape. We make objects/design concrete, gates, and various other completely custom-made products. U-shaped gutters, retaining walls, and stacked blocks used in roads and seawalls are not the only types of concrete. If you make an inquiry, we will answer any questions you have about concrete. Why don't you turn the image you have into a one-of-a-kind product?

Concrete objects in stores
Concrete fixtures such as shelves, checkout counters, benches, etc.
Concrete mosaic art for walls (e.g., tunnel gates)
Concrete gateposts at entrances
Climbing walls in parks (L-shaped retaining wall)

Hybrid Prestressed® Concrete
HPC® is an ultra-thin concrete that challenges the norm. The concrete realizes a thinness of 38 mm by using rustproof carbon wire as a tensioning material and introducing prestressing.
U-shaped Gutter: Easy Gutter
U-shaped gutters are side-gutters with a U-shaped cross-section. They are used as irrigation and drainage channels on roads and private land. The easy gutter, which combines the U-shaped gutter body and lid into a single unit, utilizes the functions of conventional U-shaped gutters with a continuous slot in the lid and collects surface drainage from both the roadway and sidewalk. This U-shaped gutter can also be used as an open channel, and its lid and body are available in multiple forms, such as those for a regular fixed lid and drop-lid or with a heel slab to meet various site conditions.

NETIS (New Technology Information System) Registered Product
Kooge Concrete's Easy Side-Gutters excel in economy, functionality, and workability. They are also easy to manufacture, install, and maintain and incorporate universal design features that are friendly to humans and the environment. They come in many variations to adapt to any condition, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
Custom-made Products/Nonstandard Products (side gutter)
We can manufacture nonstandard side gutters and provide precast products. Please feel free to request any nonstandard or custom products.
Retrofit drain fitting
Easy Side Gutters, lids, and nonstandard products (curbstone)
Easy Side Gutters, body and lid, and R-shaped items (R3.5 used)