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Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.

Creating the future with unique technology

Founded in 1939, Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., began its business as a manufacturer of sapphire bearing jewels. We provide unique products to the semiconductor, medical physicochemical, communications and precision machinery industries by combining the dedicated cutting, grinding and polishing techniques that we have developed in our industrial jewel processing with cutting-edge technologies, and by frontloading rapidly advancing technological innovations. In addition to the material improvement and processing of diamond and sapphire, we engage in the manufacture and sale of semiconductor tools (dispenser nozzles, noise capillaries, and wire tension), optical communication parts, MEMS, ruby scalpels, sapphire products, DC motors, robot hands, servomotors, and energy-harvesting devices.

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Supporting the future with reliable technology
Jewel parts for industry 
We have been providing industrial jewelry parts since our foundation in 1939.
Combining our proprietary technologies (cutting, grinding and polishing) with cutting-edge technologies, such as laser processing, we provide industrial jewels that are tailored to our customers’ needs, such as diamond, sapphire and ruby, in an integrated production system that covers everything from material procurement and processing to polishing, and the application of nano-precision processing.
For sapphire circuit boards, we apply the EFG method, which ensures high productivity in crystal breeding, engaging not only in crystalizing, processing, and polishing but also washing to semiconductor levels.  In addition, for ceramics parts, we apply various molding technologies, such as injection molding, powder press molding and CIP molding, in combination with precision processing, which enables the provision of products with excellent QCD. In recent years, diamond has been becoming the ultimate semiconductor material, and we expect heteroepitaxial growth for large diameter diamonds.
Optical communication parts
We provide parts that are essential for optical communication, primarily ferrules, sleeves, and connectors. We have a major share of the world market for ferrules and sleeves Ferrules are key parts when connecting optical fibers. They appear as if they are mere cylindrical parts made of ceramics; however, they need to be manufactured to precisions of 1 mm or less so that optical fiber cores of a few micrometers can be securely connected to each other, which requires high technological skill in precision processing. In addition, we combine this precision processing technology with high-precision assembly technology to provide receptacles and pigtails, which are essential parts for optical devices. In addition to parts, we also provide optical devices, such as optical switches using MEMS technology and optical variable attenuators.
Utilizing ceramics molding technology, ultraprecision machining technology, and high-precision assembly technology, Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.’s products are used all over the world as connection parts.
DC coreless motor
Since 1973, when we first developed the world smallest coreless motor, we have been consistently focused on the development of small coreless motors. Our DC coreless motors leverage the ultraprecision machining technology that we cultivated in jewelry processing. Based on this technology, we have improved the core parts to achieve more efficient motors with more optimal magnetic circuits. We have successfully developed a DC brushless motor of the world’s smallest diameter (0.6 mm), which enables us to develop and market products with unique concepts, such as the “dyNAMIX Series,” DC coreless motors that significantly outperform similar products produced by other companies in terms of power efficiency and electric power consumption, and “dyNALOX,” our nonconductive lock system.
In addition, we are expanding the scope of our products into new fields other than motors, such as “servos for robots,” “multifinger robot hands,” and “micromechanisms.”
We have created unique products by fusing advanced technology with unique techniques (cutting, shaving, and polishing).
Research and development technology
“World standard”. Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., has embraced this as a slogan and continued its active engagement in research and technological development since it was a small local factory. We have achievements in areas including ferrule, an optical communication component, and sapphire circuit boards, which helped us to enter into global markets and diversify our business. Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., also look forward to the future and promote research and technological development with a focus on high-tech fields.
Our development concept is the maturation of proprietary technologies and integration with advanced technologies. From parts to devices, and onwards into microsystems. 
Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.’s products are unique and can be created only using our proprietary materials and processing technologies.
Industrial technology
For our products to remain unique, we need to continue refining our proprietary technology and provide unique in-house facilities into which cutting-edge technology and the precious expertise that we have built up over many years of experience can be integrated. Our main production equipment is based around our thorough in-house production to bring out the features of the product and win the QCD. 
For our production technology, we continue to pursue next generation precision processing technologies, precision assembly technologies, and flexible production systems.
As we respond to the rapid diversification of recent technologies and products, we will continue with our evolution by maintaining our own production technology unit to meet the needs and confidence of the market and by integrating the expertise and technology of our group companies.

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