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Latest update: 30/01/2023 11:57:26


KOKEN LTD. is a manufacturer of KOACH clean air devices capable of creating ISO Class 1 super clean air environment instantly at any place.

We are looking for partners who can distribute KOACH products to universities and research institutions in the US and Europe.

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Introduction of our business lineup, product, as well as technology summaries, and other information
Achieving ISO Class 1 Air Quality
By combining Koken's revolutionary airflow control technology with the use of FERENA, an innovative super performance nano-fiber filter, the whole range of KOACH products can create a clean zone with air quality rated at ISO Class 1. We won the Prime Minister's Award of the Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award in 2015.
Concept of Clean Zone Creation
The airflows discharged from a pair of push hoods that are placed directly opposite to each other collide at the middle of the push hoods and are pushed out of the area formed between the pair of facing push hoods. The velocity of the airflows is reduced to zero in the horizontal direction at the moment of collision, which makes airflows directed at right angles to the flow direction, thus creating a discharging capability. In other words, as the airflows slow down in the horizontal direction as they come close to the middle of the push hoods, a discharging capability increases.
A revolutionary airflow technology - Laminar airflow
Features of the laminar airflow are: a) It creates a coherent current: airflow is not diffused by an obstacle on its path; b) It can trap and carry aerosol long distances; c) It has a character of "flow recovery": It can recover itself to the original state easily after colliding with an obstacle; d) It travels at a very low and constant speed: an operator does not feel air pressure and measurement is not affected adversely.

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