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A specialty chemical manufacturer that values the concept of being “human friendly.”

Since our establishment, we have been providing our customers with quality materials developed using our unique technology based on colloid chemistry.
As a licensed manufacturer of drugs, cosmetics and food additives, we produce surface-active agents, vitamin derivatives, oil components and various blended products, and accommodate many customers’ needs.

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Providing excellent materials cultivated by original technology based on colloidal chemistry
Research and development of chemical materials
We started from manufacturing of surface-activation agents, and we have expanded the scope of our research and development activities. Now, we also count oil components and vitamin derivatives among our main products. These products are used in various daily situations, for instance, as a raw material in cosmetics, hair care products and detergents, and as additive to food and pharmaceutical products.
In addition, our stance toward quality and environmental issues are highly praised, earning ISO9001:2008, EFfCI GMP and Eco-Action 21 certifications, and our technological capabilities are acknowledged not only in Japan but internationally.
Past achievements with large domestic and international companies
As the manufacturing base of Nikkol Group (Nikko Chemicals is the main group company), our company manufactures various chemical materials, which are used by cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food companies, including major players in the Japanese and international markets.
Emulsifying/solubilizing agent that does not hamper the taste of food
Beverages, whip cream, cookies and many other food products are made of water and oil. Emulsifier and solubilizing agents play essential roles in stably keeping the water and oil even, . However, as solubilizing agents with high hydrophilic nature have a peculiar bitter taste, it could affect food flavors.
NIKKO Decaglyn EX Series contains polyglycerol that is highly hydrophilic. As low condensation matters are removed using our unique technology, it is highly soluble, and reduces substances that cause bitter taste.
As an emulsifier that does not damage the food taste, it can be used in nonalcohol drinks, seasoning, and confectionaries such as jelly.

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