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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:44

Human Support Technology Co., Ltd.

You can rely on us for development of movement (image) recognition systems and software and cloud systems.

We are steadily improving the working efficiency and services of organizations by using visualization of human movements through AI-based image analysis. This is how we improve business driving rates and finally achieve increase profits . Our automation of visual inspections also aids our customers.

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Business description, products, technologies, etc.
Business description and features
We mainly research, develop, and market systems that recognize the state of human movements using cameras and sensors. We visualize human movements and identify them using AI to provide solutions according to the needs of the work sites. We develop IoT systems in the easiest manner by using general-purpose solutions such as Raspberry Pi, cameras, and the cloud. We apply image analysis and recognition technologies, record workers' movements and behaviors in manufacturing sites into data, and develop software that comprehensively satisfies customers' needs. This is how we achieve the utilization of IT, such as factory automation, to help improve productivity.
Overview of key products and technologies
Our image analysis and recognition technologies achieve the real-time analysis of images and the recognition of the position or movement of humans or the shape of objects. This provides solutions. For example, you can detect defective products through image inspection on the production lines. Additionally, you can make a database of information on people shown in the images, such as age and gender, through detection of their faces. The recording of workers' movements and behavior in work sites, as data, allows technical inheritance and provides work support. The comparison of movements between experienced and inexperienced workers also makes it possible for the inexperienced workers to be instructed about and inherit correct working methods and movements.
For matching
Our strong point is the visualization of human movements through AI-based image analysis. We research, develop, and sell systems that recognize the movements of humans and the state of objects using cameras and sensors. We always try to solve customers' various problems on a one-stop basis by utilizing the technologies and know-how we have developed for many years. If you have any problem with image analysis, etc., please feel free to contact us.