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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:44

Kyowa Syokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We develop and sell Torominosei, the nation's first granular form of obulato!

We have developed and launched Torominosei under the concept of "bring obulato to people's daily lives." Torominosei is an instant thickening agent for cooking and is the nation's sole granular form of obulato (fine rice paper).
It has great features. One is that since it is made from obulato, it allows thickening at a low temperature. Another is that it rarely forms lumps and can be easily melt thanks to its granular form. It is a new material that can be used as an ingredient for dishes and confectionery.

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Obulato granule Torominosei
Torominosei, the nation's sole instant thickening agent for cooking
Probably, the most common applications of obulato are for administering drugs and the wrapping of confectionery such as jellies.
These days, many drugs are encapsulated, and the demand for confectionery that uses obulato is decreasing due to the diversification of preferences; therefore, obulato is less often used than before.
We want obulato to be used by more people, so we have developed Torominosei under the product concept of "bringing obulato to people's daily lives".
Obulato is sheets of starch that are made by gelatinizing and drying it.
This is why granulated obulato forms less lumps and can be easily melted, allowing thickening even at a low temperature.
Unlike potato starch, Torominosei does not need to be melt in water, and simply sprinkling and mixing it allows thickening.
One of its great features is that it can be solidified by cooling after the thickening process. For example, sticky jellies with unique texture can be made by mixing it with juice or coffee and cooling it in a refrigerator. It can be also used for warabi mochi after it is melted in water. It is a product that can be used for thickening of starchy source or as an ingredient for confectionery such as warabi mochi and jellies.
Moreover, it can be easily used for a range of dishes that need thickening, such as those preventing elderly people from accidentally choking or swallowing and those for babies.
As aging will progress further, the process of thickening will probably become more important along with the ease of cocking. Obulato will be reborn as Torominosei, which is a product making full use of the features of obulato to meet needs in such circumstances!


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