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Please entrust anything about metal thermal treatment to Tamayakin.

Our company receives orders for thermal treatment from customers as part of our customer production process. Therefore, updated information like in-process work status and completion schedule is essential for customer process management. We meet customer-desired delivery dates wherever possible. We set detailed delivery dates including the time (for example, 14:00 on March 10) and observe the delivery date strictly. Our customers can check the status of the production process on our webpage to enable the synchronization of both ours and our client's processes.

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Sales Pitch

Products, technology, and services
[Business description and features]
Our company specializes in metal thermal treatment. Since 2012, we have maintained our Nadcap certification for thermal treatment of aircraft parts, something that is rarely acquired even by Japanese companies that specialize in thermal treatment.
Our strength lies in our capability to make wide thermal treatment processes comply with aerospace standards. Our thermal treatment varies widely from vacuum thermal treatment to carburizing and nitriding aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and nickel alloys.
Our Chinese subsidiary, Tamayakin (Dalian) Co., Ltd., has IATF16949, AS9100, and Nadcap (to be acquired in 2019) certifications and can satisfy requirements in both the automobile and aerospace industries.
[Outline and uses of main products, technology, merchandise, and services]
Our company provides thermal treatment services for aerospace and defense related parts, as well as machine parts for machine tools, agricultural machines & implements, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
[Representative's message (Efforts for future sales channel development, intent to use J-GoodTech, etc.)]
Our company now has the capacity to compete in the aerospace industry and will expand our market share there. We have acquired knowhow concerning quality assurance for special processes in the aerospace industry. By utilizing the knowhow, we will put an emphasis on manufacturing medical infrastructure-related and energy-related parts, the quality of which has great social impacts, like aircrafts. We will also promote collaboration and business with companies in ASEAN countries by utilizing our experience in overseas expansion acquired in China.

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