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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:33

Agilecore Co., Ltd.

Providing business improvement applications through the cloud

"Gekkyubin," for computerizing pay statements and even sending them via e-mail, without the need to change the currently used salary payment system.
"PayLook," for allowing employees to check their pay statements on the web.
"Shain TachPay," a system for settling meal charges at company cafeterias, specialized in making salary deductions, which can be linked to IC cards such as employee ID cards.
"Kyuyo System" for supporting 24-hour shifts.
CORE LINE Series, a cloud system developed in-house using outsourced development technologies.

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Development examples
Developing applications for various types of smartphones
iPhone applications,
Android applications,
iOS, mobile applications, 
securities trading applications (for smartphones), and
location information sharing applications (for smartphones) 
Developing SaaS systems
Cooperation through cloud, SaaS development
Attendance management SaaS
Business card management SaaS
Personnel management SaaS
Agile development
Maintenance and  development of finance-related systems
(for companies dealing in accident insurance, life insurance, securities, credit cards, or lease products)
Maintenance, provision, etc. of ASP systems.
Linkage of core interfaces with various insurance packages and performance of relevant tasks.
Development of core systems for airport-related systems.
Digital signage systems, package systems for global use (in multiple languages), development of various frameworks, web foundations for large-scale logistics, and web frameworks for agile systems. 
Developing e-commerce solutions and business-specific solutions
Applications for mobile phones, mobile websites, electronic payment, electronic money, and account opening
Applications for managing ERP solutions, production, sales, and financial accounting
Management of cell towers
Business-related web applications 
Industries we have conducted development in
Distribution: Management of sales, clients, logistics, electronic payment, e-commerce, etc.
Medical care: Receipt management system for social insurance as well as national insurance, health checks, reservations for complete physical examinations
Finance: Derivatives, banking business, insurance business, credit, etc.
Others: Instructors, electricity, travel, transportation, etc.