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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:46

Jushi Read Model Co.,Ltd.

We offer total support for industrial prototyping

We specialize in integrated vacuum molding, and we provide integrated support from mold design and manufacturing to molding and finishing.

We assist in developing prototypes for industrial products in a variety of ways, from mockups using cutting and powder modeling to vacuum molding and vacuum casting.

We can also handle cutting soft materials.

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Handling integrated vacuum molding
We can handle integrated production from mold production to molding, machining, and finishing.

We strive to provide support that is close to designers, such as short delivery times and small lots.
Machining of soft materials
Cutting of soft materials such as flexible urethane foam and sponge is also available. We have also received many requests for the production of large art installations.
Powder forming
High-strength powder sintered laminate forming is suitable for prototyping complex shapes. It also supports checking laminate shapes with a 3D printer.
Vacuum casting
This technology uses silicone rubber in place of a mold, and resin is poured into the mold in a vacuum to produce a duplicate. They can be produced in a shorter period of time compared to molds.

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