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We are a system development and manufacturing company that undertakes electronic product development.

We are a manufacturer specializing in hardware and software for embedded devices. We develop electronic products in a wide range of fields, including FA systems for manufacturing lines and distribution warehouses, equipment for road construction vehicles, image processing equipment for racing competitions, and digital broadcasting equipment. We can assist you with all manufacturing processes, from single-unit special machines to small-lot and mass-produced products.

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Commissioned development of embedded devices
We can develop the embedded hardware and software necessary to realize your ideas, and design the necessary housing on your behalf.
Of course, we can handle each of these services separately.

[Hardware design]

Design of various embedded CPU boards
(Main CPUs: Renesas CPU RX600/RL78) ARM-based CPUs are also supported.

Design of digital peripheral circuits for SPI, I2C, UART, USB, LAN, various digital interfaces, and GPIO direct control

Design of various sensor input front-end circuits, DA conversion analog output circuits, and various analog circuits

FPGA design and SoC design (language: VHDL/Verilog) for special functions, image processing, and numerical processing not possible with commercial devices

[Software design]

Firmware design for the above hardware, embedded real-time OS, device driver development, embedded application development

Windows PC applications

[Housing design]

Design of waterproof and anti-vibration housings to withstand uses under severe conditions
We can assist with prototyping and mass production of equipment developed and designed by us or by the customer.

From prototyping and small-lot production of a single unit to mass production of several thousand units or more. We handle a wide range of operations from part procurement to production control, inspection, packaging, and delivery.
Line Reader sensors for automatic screed control systems of asphalt finishers
Asphalt finishers are used as construction vehicles for road paving, and play an active role in laying asphalt on the road surface. Our technology is used in the work of laying this asphalt evenly and uniformly on roads.

Conventionally, asphalt finishers relied on the experience of the operator. Even when automated, measurements were made by putting a sensor in contact with the surface of the road, a wire, or the like, so efficiency was greatly affected by the work environment.

We adopted a non-contact method using image processing for this sensor, and developed it in collaboration with Kajima Road.

Customers highly evaluate us for our image processing technology, FPGA technology, one-chip CPU control technology, anti-vibration and drip-proof housing design, and noise resistance.

In recognition of this achievement, we received the Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association Contribution Award in 2011.

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