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Factoria Co.,Ltd.

A place where dreams begin

We are a company that supports you in creating original cosmetics as a place where dreams begin. We manufacture a wide variety of cosmetics using carefully selected raw materials, excellent development capabilities, and advanced manufacturing technology.

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Business contents and characteristics
We mainly engage in independent OEM/ODM manufacturing from development to production of cosmetics in general. In particular, we have many years of experience with hair care products, and our product R&D is improving every day. Our factory is located in Kaizu City, Gifu Prefecture, which is blessed with water resources, the main raw material for cosmetics. Products made with this water have a unique texture. This leads to differentiation from other companies.
Overview and successful examples of main products, technologies, goods, and services
We manufacture hair care products, skin care products, and body care products, as well as hygiene products for pets such as pet shampoos.
Certificates and licenses acquired
Cosmetics manufacturing and sales license
Cosmetics manufacturing license
Quasi-drug manufacturing and sales license
Quasi-drug manufacturing license
Three reasons why our company is selected
Carefully selected raw materials
Kaizu City in Gifu Prefecture has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best water villages. It is rich in soft water suitable for making cosmetics.
We filter groundwater pumped up in a germ-free state from an impermeable layer 200 meters underground, and produce cosmetics under thorough water quality control. We are also able to use a wide variety of raw materials such as herbal medicine ingredients used in Chinese medicine and plant extracts used in Ayurvedic medicine to manufacture a wide range of cosmetics.
Excellent development capabilities
With our unique formulation technology we have achieved stably high concentrations of natural ingredients such as astaxanthin and polyphenols, which had been considered difficult to formulate stably.

The product lines produced by our superior R&D capabilities are highly evaluated and trusted by our customers.
High technical capabilities
We are equipped with a vacuum emulsifier, which produces stable products by homogeneous emulsification, and various mixing devices to flexibly respond to a wide variety of cosmetics manufacturing needs. We pay close attention to quality control and hygiene in our production.



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