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We are a photoflash manufacturer having a global market share of 50%.

Our company has accumulated optical, electric, and mechanical technologies through the manufacture of photoflashes. By using the technologies, we have expanded our business to new fields such as electronic products, healthcare products, anti-disaster products, and automotive products. We now manufacture precision products on an OEM basis.
We also manufacture and sell the LED lighting “AGRO'S” for plant growth which has features not available in other companies' products.

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LED lighting for plant growth
We have selected optimum LEDs for plant growth.
We selected an optimum wavelength for plant growth by utilizing our photoflash knowhow as well as tie-ups with universities and organizations.
The AGRO'S Series provides LED lamps for plant growth that increase growth speed, provide color to vegetables, and satisfy taste buds.
Uniform cultivation and cost reduction effect
This is a hybrid machine of a diffusion type and with a condensing reflector that uses plasma polymerization aluminum evaporation.
Uniform cultivation is possible under a small number of LED lamps.
Both initial cost and running cost are reduced at the same time.
If you have an issue about cultivation, please feel free to consult us.
For plant cultivation, all requirements, such as light, water, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity must be satisfied.
We have globally proven technical capabilities with regard to the irradiation of light that accounts for a great percentage among the requirements.
Our staff are ready to help you solve your issues about plant cultivation. Please feel free to consult us.
OEM consignment production
OEM consignment production (Half-finished and finished products)
Our company manufactures half-finished and finished products by OEM production on consignment in Zhuhai City, China and Saraburi City, Thailand.
We design optimum processes by a multi-cell production system depending on the production quantity, such as piece-by-piece, U line, and offline setup line.
We can handle everything from molding to forming, coating, printing, part procurement, mounting, assembling, inspection, and packaging in an integrated manner.
Aluminum evaporation and plasma polymerization deposition
Our company is good at evaporation especially for precision plastic parts and on the reflection surfaces of optical parts.
In addition, we implemented an optimized plasma polymerization aluminum evaporation machine for automotive headlamps.
Since our company has 30-ton and 50-ton molding machines for small precision parts, we can handle forming and evaporation in an integrated manner. We manufacture products at our head office in Kohoku-ku, Yokohama.
Molding, forming, coating, or board mounting (part processing)
Our company processes parts by molding, forming, coating, and board mounting on an OEM basis in Zhuhai City, China and Saraburi City, Thailand.
We are especially good at manufacturing precision parts but we can manufacture optical parts and appearance parts as well.
We can design optical products, such as Fresnel lenses, reflectors, optical lenses, and LED lighting products.
At the Thai factory, we implemented a large-scale coating line that supports wide color variation.

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