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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:07

Okuda Co.,Ltd.

Company that achieves an integrated system of plastic painting through close collaboration

We, a professional in plastic painting, have an integrated system of metal mold production as well as molding and laser printing in our company, while collaborating closely with subcontractors. We have produced various products including painted automotive parts (exterior and interior parts), motorcycle parts, and parts used for utility poles. Our mottos are commitment to quality and having a client-oriented attitude. Please feel free to contact us.

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Sales Pitch

Description of business
What we can do
We, a professional in plastic painting, have provided our products for part manufacturers for many years. 
Recently, our many years of commitment to quality have been highly evaluated. We are operating beyond the boundaries of painting and are involved in a wider range of "manufacturing" fields; that is, we are now also involved in other processes such as metal mold production as well as molding, laser printing, and assembly.  
Furthermore, we work closely with many subcontractors and maintain fiduciary relations with them, trying to coexist and prosper together.
-Die manufacturers: 3
-Molding manufacturers: 8
-Painting manufacturers: 4
-Printing manufacturers: 3
-Assembly manufacturers: 2
Products and materials dealt in by us, and product configurations
(1) Products dealt in by us
-Painted automotive parts: Lower grills, wheel center caps, door mirrors, top knot antennas, rear reflector in-panels, panels, housing, steering wheel space, and switch space
-Other products: Push buttons of Japanese pinball machines, automotive parts, motorcycle parts, parts for utility poles, shower heads, etc.
(2) Materials dealt in by us
We propose paint optimum for the materials.
<Examples of materials dealt in by us>
ABS, CFRP, PA, BMC, aluminum, PP, PMMA, GFRP, plating, and stainless steel 
(3) Product configuration
The percentages of products dealt in by us are as follows:
-Automotive exterior parts: 40%
-Automotive interior parts: 30%
-Parts related to faucets: 25%
-Others: 5%
Our facilities and equipment
(1) Spindle line
-Line length: 98 m
-Max. size of the object to be painted: 400 X 400 X 200
-Painting specifications: Spindle automated painting line capable of double coating
-Products that we have painted: Wheel center caps, shower heads, and so on
(2) 1F line
-Line length: 138 m
-Max. size of the object to be painted: 500 X 1,100 X 500
-Painting specifications: Painting line, capable of double coating, for middle-sized objects
-Products that have been painted: Automotive interior parts such as instrument panels
(3) 2F line
-Line length: 200 m
-Max. size of the object to be painted: 500 X 1,100 X 200
-Painting specifications: Automated painting line capable of triple coating
-Products that have been painted: Automotive exterior parts such as bumper grills
(4) New line (dedicated to piano black color)
-Line length: 200 m
-Max. size of the object to be painted: 500 X 500 X 500
-Painting specifications: Painting line dedicated to piano black color. The booth is air-conditioned and equipped with a painting robot as well as a transfer robot, becoming an unmanned and dust-free environment.
(5) Manual spray painting
-Max. size of the object to be painted: 1,000 X 1,500 X 500
-Painting specifications: Manual spray painting, done by our craftsmen, of prototypes and small lot products
Description related to quality
Our mottos are as follows: "Clients come first. The starting point of quality assurance is the production site and actual products. The quality is refined through production processes!" Thanks to the mottos, we have received no complaints for 5 years. The measures for refining quality are described below.
(1) Color difference measurement
By using a 3 directional color difference measuring device, we are able to measure painted colors, such as metallic and pearl colors, of automotive parts from three angles (25º, 45º, and 75º) simultaneously at a single time of measurement. Therefore, we can grasp colors that change depending on the angle.
(2) Film thickness measurement
By using an electromagnetic thickness tester, we measure and manage the film thickness of products for each production run, which is important for paint performance. 
(3) Initial contact tests (cross-cut tests)
By using a cutter knife, we make cuts into the testing surface vertically and horizontally, at intervals of 1 to 2 mm, to draw 25,100 squares. Then, we strongly apply Scotch tape to the squares, and then peel the tape off swiftly at an angle between 45º to 60º. The tests are carried out to check and manage the conditions of the squares of each production lot.

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