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Latest update: 05/04/2023 10:48:27

Daiko Technical Corporation

We support clean and safe living for all with our three key principles of ecology, cleanliness, and protection.

We are a company that manufactures, sells, and installs various coating agents, and researches, develops, and handles various environmental products, and also processes automotive urethane parts. Based on our comprehensive production of energy-saving and environmental measures, we do our utmost to contribute to the local community by doing what we can do now for a better future.

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We develop one-of-a-kind products through a combination of basic technology research supported by research institutes and other organizations and applied research that gives form to novel ideas. We understand the diverse needs of a wide range of industries, and we pursue the creation and practical application of products that will truly satisfy our customers.
Overview and application examples of major products, technologies, goods, and services
Our main business is research, development and production in the field of ecology, clean, protection and liquid materials.

Eco-Glass Coat and thermal barrier coatings for window glass that save energy, shield against heat, cut ultraviolet rays, antibacterial, retain heat, and reduce condensation.
Disinfectant and anti-mold detergent effective for cleaning around sinks and removing oil stains, anti-mold coatings that inhibit and prevent 397 types of fungi and bacteria, including 57 types of mold fungi that exist in general buildings, with a combined technology of repellent and inhibitory effects.
Super hydrophilic coating with excellent stain resistance (self-cleaning effect) with an anti-staining film, smaco, a simple anti-staining coating agent, and HG Coat, a coating agent with a transparent ceramic film that is UV-resistant, nonflammable, acid-resistant, water-permeable, and stain-resistant, and has effects such as gas barrier, corrosion resistance, and substrate protection.

In terms of Eco-Glass Coat, we have a track record of doing business with local companies in Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, and China.
Message from the CEO (efforts to develop sales channels in the future, how we will use J-GoodTech, etc.)
We have conducted a great deal of research and product development based on the theme of gentle living. Based on this know-how, we carefully select products that suit our customers' living environment by considering products from various angles. We also explain the details of our products and the reasons why they work until customers are convinced, and make proposals that make them feel truly satisfied.
We believe that our mission is to satisfy and delight our customers with reliable installation in any situation by utilizing our wealth of experience accumulated over many years. In addition, we are always challenging ourselves to develop new technologies in the process of working on-site. We also make the most of our direct contact with our customers to discover their needs, and use our on-site experience to develop and propose better products. We hope to help many customers through the use of J-GoodTech.

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