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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:45

Z Engineering Co., Ltd.

We manufacture and sell Steam Z products, which make full use of the heating energy of steam to achieve energy-saving and CO2 reduction to contribute to preserving the global environment. Steam Z is the world's best series of fixed orifice steam traps that have a simple structure where an orifice is merely opened. Steam Z does not have any moveable part, so it rarely breaks down. Therefore, it is almost free from maintenance. It quickly discharges water produced in pipes delivering steam or in facilities using steam, and reduces leakage of steam. The Steam Z series includes a variety of models for a wide range of steam pressures and drain capacities.

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Steam Z
About Steam Z
Steam Z is the world's foremost series of steam condensation water drain systems surpassing conventional steam traps.
It can replace all types of steam traps that are currently used in facilities using steam around the world.
○ Simply replacing a steam trap with a Steam Z allows energy saving and resource saving, significantly reducing steam and CO2.
○ Steam Z also improves the thermal conductivity of the facilities and stabilizes temperatures, so productivity is greatly improved as well.
○ Steam traps have three key features:
(1) Quickly and automatically discharge water produced in pipes delivering steam or in facilities using steam.
(2) Prevent leakage of steam
(3) Quickly and automatically discharge non-condensable gas such as air.
1. Steam Z continuously discharges produced water through a constantly open orifice and has no mechanism to open and close the orifice; therefore, it rarely breaks down and can be used for more than 20 years.
2. Steam Z is fully made of stainless steel, so it does not become degraded with time and can maintain initial performance, eliminating the need for maintenance. If it is inspected regularly, it allows time and cost saving thanks to the simple structure and shape and the light weight.
3. Steam Z does not break down to cause steam to escape, so it is effective in energy saving. It allows steam saving, fuel reduction, and CO2 reduction. As a result, it contributes to preventing global warming.
4. Steam Z is small and lightweight, has a simple shape, and does not limit how it is installed except for the flow direction. It can be fitted freely in a horizontal, vertical, or inclined position, and allows flow from bottom to top; therefore, it can be installed easily and helps reduce the size of piping and greatly miniaturize the surrounding equipment such as valves. This results in space saving and dramatic reductions in piping costs. It is particularly effective in installing new equipment.
5. Steam Z continuously discharge produced water without delay, and this increases the thermal conductivity of boundary surfaces, resulting in improvements in productivity. It does not cause water hammer, and is strong enough to withstand impact.
6. Stream Z has a straight flow path and does not have any curve or obstacle in the middle. This prevents an air lock or steam lock from occurring, resulting in significant reductions in start-up time, etc. in the morning.
7. Steam Z quickly responds to changes in load, so when controlled by a program, it can accurately follow the program and can strictly manage temperatures.
8. A single Steam Z unit can handle a large capacity, high pressure, and low differential pressure that currently globally available steam traps cannot.

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