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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:36


WITCO OF JUPITER DENTSU CO.,LTD. provides high-quality small waterproof connectors.

We provide not only standardized small waterproof connectors, but also custom-made connectors to meet clients' specifications. We can accept orders for small-lot production.

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High-quality connectors
Small waterproof connector series
We provide small connectors with IP67 waterproofing performance. We perform processes from soldering cables to molding them in our company. Therefore, although they are small-sized connectors, they have high waterproof performance and a reliable locking mechanism. In order to provide connectors that match the devices used by clients in industries such as testing instruments, medical devices, and measuring instruments, we provide a connector series with 2 to 16 poles and 4 types of locking mechanisms.
Custom-made connectors
We can also produce custom-made connectors. Examples of such connectors are specified below.
(1) Ultra-compact connectors for cochlear implants and hearing aids
(2) Connectors for medical care
(3) Large LED screens for outdoors
(4) In-vehicle cameras
(5) Accessories for high-performance cameras
New products, roll-in connectors
We are now selling our new products, round, multi-pole, roll-in connectors which do not require key adjustment. Since the connector allows the user to connect it without visually checking the mating surface, they can use it in an environments with low visibility, such as in the dark or at the back of a device. Unlike conventional blind mate connectors, the roll-in connectors are round and directionless, and can be mated by simple insertion. 
When developing products, we are committed to adding value to the products we deliver to clients.  




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