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Latest update: 03/04/2023 15:48:51

Kanuma Hikari Co., Ltd.

We can order auto parts for benchmarking with other companies!
Domestic cars, imported cars, reimported cars, parallel imports, North America, Europe, Korea, China, etc.

Let us procure automotive parts for benchmarking with your competition. Kanuma Hikari specializes in ordering hard-to-find parts for not only domestic cars and official imports, but also parallel imports and vehicles sold only overseas through our own procurement routes.
The area covered is also expanding, including Europe, North America, Korea, China, India, Brazil, and other regions.


Sales Pitch

Automotive parts for benchmarking to compare with your competition. We order automotive parts, including domestic, imported, reimported, parallel imported, North American, European, Korean, and Chinese cars, for benchmarking to compare with other companies.
We obtain automotive parts from both domestic and foreign suppliers. Please contact us even if you do not have a vehicle.
We provide various parts for domestic cars and imported/parallel-imported cars at low prices by securing a stable supply of parts. You may order without a vehicle number when ordering. We also carry a wide range of labor-saving equipment, used tools, and used parts.
Ordering of Hard-to-Obtain Parts and Automotive Parts
Our unique procurement channels allow us to acquire engines and transmissions for the latest model machines from various manufacturers and parts for reimported vehicles that are difficult to obtain. We can obtain parts not only from the U.S. and Europe but also from Korea, China, India, Brazil, and other countries. We also accept orders for comparison with other companies and benchmarking purposes.
We deliver within the prefecture and throughout Japan and also sell both new and used vehicles.