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Latest update: 24/07/2023 16:24:53

K.K. LC Electronics

The excitement of live sound as it is

We thoroughly pursue the basics of speaker systems, and develop and sell speakers that convey the inherent healing ability of sound as excitement. The system has been introduced and well received in many universities, kindergartens, and rooms for people with developmental disabilities.

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Overview of products and services
Partition speakers
Our “ko to” partition speakers are omnidirectional speakers based on the motif of house posts, which have completely disappeared from today’s Japanese living spaces. Sound spreads out from the upward-facing speakers as if it were raining down. These “ko to” speakers will not only provide comfortable music and spaces, but will also encourage a return to a spirit that is lost in the modern world, and bring about a truly rich daily life. This is because house posts support a structure, give place to a space, or divide a space. At the same time, house posts have been the spiritual center of the Japanese people since ancient times. With “ko to,” the symbol of the Japanese heart and the new form of the house post of a comfortable life in a space, you can revive yourself and find another kind of happiness.
LCC speaker systems
Kindergarten children who were making so much noise started dancing in response to the sound of the speakers! The speakers are so faithful to the original sound that you would think it’s an analog recording! They have the effect of awakening the brain! These speakers bring these kinds of amazement.
The sound is different. This is a series that responds to the needs of the times.
Awakening the brain
Listening to music through LCC speakers, with their high sound reproducibility, caused brain awakening and increased the responsiveness of a subject, significantly altering the person’s mental state. Furthermore, after six months, changes in writing behavior and communication skills were also observed. Although there was only one subject in this study, the high sound reproducibility of the LCC may suggest many possibilities in the field of music therapy regarding the quality of sound entering the ear, including children with severe intellectual disabilities. In the future, we hope to work with physicians and music therapists to build evidence for the effectiveness of LCC speakers with their high degree of sound reproducibility through a large number of clinical cases. We also want to provide effective support to as many people with disabilities as possible.
Sound space creation services
Susumu Ishizuka, an artisan of sound, will personally visit you to create sound. We offer a wide range of services, from sound services for concerts and lectures to sales of speakers and sound equipment, and installation to best suit your needs! Please feel free to contact us for more information!
Sound for concerts, live performances, musicals, etc.
Providing comfortable sound for fitness clubs
Equipment and acoustics for kindergartens, schools, and public facilities
Election speakers to convey the candidate’s real voice