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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:40

Sun Eco Co., Ltd.

Giving shape to customers’ “packages” using cardboard and paper boards

Workability, functionality and cost. We give shape to the needs of our customers in a speedy manner.
You need not provide us with particular shapes but rough sizes. Time (in seconds) within which the packaging needs to be completed.
Requests such as these would be enough for us to conceptualize our proposals for you.

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Sales Pitch

[Business description and features]
We engage in the design, development, proposal and manufacture of cushioning and packaging materials that are essential for protecting products in storage, and tailor them to our customers’ products, 
such as miscellaneous goods, home appliances, industrial products, medical equipment, agricultural equipment and precision equipment.
We provide eco-friendly cushioning and packaging materials that primarily use cardboard materials for which a recycling system is already established.

We also engage in the design, proposal and manufacture of set-up boxes, gift wrapping boxes and promotional utensils with aesthetic properties, 
and the development of products with added value in the pursuit of functionality and originality.

We are also available for drop impact strength testing and various other tests.
[If you have any problems or are worried about this topic, please contact us. ]
Products could be damaged when they are delivered to the customers.
Hard to package as the packaging takes time.
Parts that need to be taken out first may not be reached until the end.
There is a need to standardize packaging materials.
Looking for cushioning and packaging materials to replace plastic (formed materials). (Need to reduce plastic usage.)
We accept any enquiries, even for minor issues.
Please feel free to consult with us about any problem or issue.




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