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You can count on us for balcony partition manufacture, sales, and installation, metalworking, and materials assembly.

We manufacture and sell metal products including mainly building metalwork. We produce and install balcony partitions and offer metalworking. You can also rely on us for the assembly of large-lot products such as stationery, nursing care products, and sporting goods!

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Business description, products, technologies, etc.
Business description and features
We manufacture and sell metal products including mainly architectural hardware. We produce and install balcony partitions, and manufacture processed aluminum and stainless-steel frame and plate materials. Additionally, we assemble OEM products, such as window gratings and laundry pole holders, and mass-produced goods, such as stationery, confectionery containers, nursing care products, and sporting goods. Please consider us if you are a trading firm that does not have its own factory, or if you have orders beyond your capacity.
Overview of products and technologies
In our architectural hardware manufacturing business, we mainly produce and manufacture balcony partitions and window gratings installed in apartments and other buildings. These products are inconspicuous, but protect the safety and security of residents. Further, you can rely on us for processing and assembly of aluminum frame materials. With our assembly business, our part-time female staff undertake a variety of mass-production of familiar products according to customers' needs with great sensitivity from a female perspective. These products include stationery, confectionery containers, and small gifts.
For matching
We have produced, sold, and installed balcony partitions since our foundation. Our long-term track record demonstrates our high technical capabilities and know-how. We would like to help customers produce products using our many years of experience in community-based business management and our human resources, career, and know-how. We look forward to your continued patronage.

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