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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:46

Nissin Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

We deliver various prototypes in a short period.

We make prototypes in a very speedy manner. We have a system in which one engineer is responsible for the prototype production processes ranging from material selection to molding. We deliver sheet metal articles, metal workpieces, and resin workpieces to clients as soon as possible.

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Description of business
Metal cutting
We not only perform general cutting machining and grinding work, but also process difficult-to-cut metals. We are able to cut and process almost all kinds of metal materials including general steel materials, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and brass. 
Resin treatment
We are able to produce one product by utilizing the combinations of many processing techniques such as the NC machining, welding, thermal bending, adhesion, and molding of resins. In addition, we are able to produce simple molds made of resin so as to swiftly perform forming processes at low cost.   
Laser processing
We are able to cut various materials regardless of their plate thickness. The laser beam machines owned by us are able to process various objects ranging from simple-shaped parts to parts with highly complicated shapes and execute many functions for processes prior to assembly.
Sheet-metal working
We perform sheet-metal working processes in an integrated fashion. The processes include carrying out skillful processing techniques as well as various welding processes with equipment, such as turret punch presses and bending machines, and finishing products by skillful craftsmen. We are also able to perform precision work such as drawing, deep drawing, and etching processing.
Metal-surface treatment
We treat metal surfaces after carrying out preprocessing processes for removing inorganic or organic dirt and attachments. Therefore, the products that have undergone our surface treatment have excellent anticorrosion properties, anti-rust properties, and appearance. We propose the treatment method that leads to high-level products and that is suitable for the intended purposes.
Other special processing methods
We provide services ranging from proposing processing techniques required for the production of a prototype to carrying out special processing such as electro-discharge machining and pipe working. Also, we produce cast articles and jigs. Please feel free to contact us. 

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