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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:43

Keiyo Kogyo Inc.

We provide excellent plastic processing techniques and environmental solutions.

Original ground protection plates: Super Jyulight products are easy-to-carry but highly durable ground protection plates that are lighter than steel plates and rubber mats. They are used in various applications ranging from building sites to protection for the entrances of farms and gardens and floor surfaces of warehouses and factories.

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Business description, products, technologies, etc.
Business description and features
We conduct our plastic processing business and comfortable environment-oriented business based on our plastic molding techniques. We offer specially processed plastic products, such as fusion-bonded PE, PP-H, and PVDF products, vinyl chloride pipes and joints, and blow-molded pipes. In our comfortable environment business, we offer recycled-polyethylene plastic ground protection plates (Super Jyulight, Rakurakuban). They are environmentally friendly, lightweight ground protection plates with both high flexibility and strength, and are alternative to steel plates or concrete formwork panels. Since they are made from plastic, they significantly reduce delivery costs, contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, and can be installed easily and quickly. They are dramatically lighter, offering high water and weather resistance and high durability, and are also effective in preventing industrial accidents. This is why they can be used as protective plates in a diverse range of applications.
Overview of products and technologies
Various techniques are utilized in plastic processing. Infrared-ray (IR) fusion joining is a method in which pipes are heated to a fusion temperature without any contact with a heating plate so that they are joined using mechanical pressure. This method allows a high-accuracy finish. Butt fusion joining is a fusion joining technique that uses contact with a heater for heating. Branching fusion joining is a technique for fusion-bonding of two or more branch pipes to a PE pipe. We have developed a dedicated automatic fusion joining machine by identifying optimal conditions for fusion joining. Further, Super Jyulight products have a compressive load of 2,998 tons per square meter and withstand a total vehicle weight of up to 80 tons. They are very light (9 to 4 kg) as compared with normal steel plates, and can be easily handled by only one person. They are strong and hard-to-break products manufactured by continuous extrusion molding.
For matching
We have been working on plastic molding techniques for many years. We have been providing products based on these techniques to help customers create comfortable environments under the unique concept of adding one more piece of value to manufacturing.
Our Comfortable Environment Business Division manufactures lightweight plastic ground protection plates that are lighter and easier to carry than steel plates used in factories, etc. They do not require heavy machinery for unloading and can significantly reduce delivery costs as compared with steel plates. They can also be recycled, and therefore, contribute to environmental protection.
We are expanding their application from building and construction sites to a variety of other fields (agricultural use, ground protection in factories or event venues, temporary materials for disaster prevention or recovery). We will develop products that help reduce customers' burdens in a wider range of fields, particularly, agriculture, livestock raising, logistics, and warehouses.

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