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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:52

Marui Techno Co.,Ltd.

We are a top manufacturer of precision angle meters

Our high-precision, high-rigidity measuring instruments have been highly evaluated by users around the world for their ability to reduce the burden on the measurer and contribute to improved reliability.

In addition to orders for custom-made standard products, we can also accommodate orders for various measuring instruments by making use of our in-house equipment for lathe machining, NC machining, milling, and other machining.

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Products handled
General angle gauges
[Micro Protractor]
A high-precision angle meter for machining, assembly, and inspection of machines, molds, jigs, gauges, and so on as a reference unit for angle meters.

We also have high-rigidity, high-stability, high-precision strong angle gauges favored by top competitors at the WorldSkills Olympics.

[Digital Protractor]
Lightweight, compact, and easy-to-read high-precision angle meter with LCD digital display.

It reduces the burden on the measurer and strongly contributes to improving the efficiency and reliability of inspection processes.

[Bevel Protractor]
Highly reliable general-purpose precision angle meter favored in many countries around the world.
Special angle meters
[Height gauge bevel]
This digital angle meter is an entirely new concept that can be installed on calipers or height gauges to easily measure angles.
Rotary encoders
[Small digital angle sensors]
These are digital rotation angle sensors with a built-in coupling in a small body. They achieve a minimum reading of 1 minute (0.01°) with a small sensor.

[Digital angle sensors]
These are lightweight, compact, high-precision rotation angle detectors. Battery power and integrated digital display eliminate the need for wiring processing. Equipped with data output functionality.
Length measuring instruments
[R Caliper]
Our R Caliper radius measuring instrument can measure up to a radius of 150 mm simply by placing it on the outer circumference of a radius curved surface.

[MD Series (Gaikeikun)]
These outside diameter measuring instruments can measure the outside diameter simply by placing them on the outer circumference of a cylindrical workpiece such as a roller.

[Speed Micro Mini]
This revolutionary measuring instrument combines a high-precision digital indicator with a micrometer head.
Customized instruments/meters (custom-made)
We are a measuring instrument manufacturer that incorporates the technology of Marui Keiki K.K. as it is. We take advantage of in-house machining equipment for lathe machining, NC machining, milling, and other machining to take on custom-made measurement instruments.

We have established a cooperative system with partner companies to undertake the whole process from design to mounting and assembly, and can take on batch processing orders.

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