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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:46


You can rely on us for industrial and special-purpose filters!

We develop and internally manufacture a wide range of industrial filters using hollow fiber membrane technology and shaping technology. Our products are used by many enterprises in diverse business sectors such as semiconductors, chemicals, medicine, analytical equipment, food, and the manufacturing industry.
The purposes of filtration are also diverse, including drug solution and liquid filtration, gas filtration, humidity control, and aeration and deaeration.

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Industrial filters
Filters for filtration and refinement of drug solution and aquatic fluid
[Filtration accuracy: 0.2 μμm to 5 nm]
Resist/antireflective film/polyimide/polymer/monomer/thinner filtration
[Filtration accuracy: 10 to 0.05 μm]
Developing liquid/cleaning liquid/etching liquid/peeling liquid/acid/alkaline/pure water filtration
Filter housing
Inner cleaning of the tanks of cleaning equipment and dicing equipment/cleaning of drafters
Gas filters
[Filtration accuracy: 00.1 μm]
Precision filtration of compressed air/nitrogen (inline filters)
Clean air pressure feeding, etc.

[Filtration accuracy: 00.1 μm]
Precision filtration of compressed air/nitrogen (air blow guns)
Clean air blow for the inside of equipment
Humidification/dehumidification filters
Dehumidification of driving air/low-humidity storage of electronic devices/dry air purge to chambers/humidification of carrier gas

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