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SHIMADA Electronics Inc.

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Operation monitoring system, "Device Watcher"
What is "Device Watcher"?
It can easily be added to existing equipment!
This is a system that automatically obtains signals, transmits them through wireless communication, and visualizes the operation conditions of the equipment so that they can be improved.  
Since the processes from installing the sensing device to visualizing operation data on a screen device are simultaneously provided, anyone can immediately start using the system.
Characteristic: System that can easily be used by anyone
1. Hardware that can easily be installed by anyone
All you have to do is to cover the existing layered signal light with the Device Watcher! 
Since no construction is required, you do not have to stop the production line. 
Device Watcher is compatible with various types of signal lights regardless of their size, color order, lighting patterns, and manufacturer. 
*If the equipment is not equipped with a layered signal light, a current sensor or dry contact device can be provided.
*We are able to produce other types of devices. 
2. Wireless communication that easily transmits data
Since a wireless communication network with a frequency range of 920 MHz is used, data can easily be transmitted in various types of factories!
The communication distance is 1,500 m in a space without obstacles, and more than 100 m in a factory.
The wireless communication is resistant to radio wave interference. Thanks to a multi-hop function and a retransmission function, data loss is very small.
Furthermore, since microcomputer control allows signals to be sent only during changes, useless data is not accumulated, and the software runs smoothly. 
3. Visualization through ready-to-use software
All you have to do is log in. You can then immediately use the system!
No dedicated software has to be installed, and no time-consuming settings are required.
The ready-to-use system allows you to use it with a sense of security.
Can be customized
We are able to meet detailed requests from each client company! 
-If the equipment is not equipped with a layered signal light, a current sensor or the like can be provided to monitor the equipment operation conditions.
-We can prepare tablet applications and switches for obtaining outage factors.
-An e-mail transmission function for abnormality can be added. 
-Signals output from the programmable logic controller (PLC) or the like can be input to a device via I/O and visualized with software. 
-For integration with the host system or BI, the downloading of CSV files is enabled, or the system can be linked with application programming interface (API) in the JSON format. 
-For companies that do not want to disclose data to external parties, we are able to provide an on-premises version.
-Please feel free to contact us for customizing each software item.
Malfunction prediction AI solution, "Device Watcher for prediction"
What is "Device Watcher for prediction"?
An IoT solution, which uses AI, for predicting the malfunctioning of equipment. 
It is priced in a way that allows small and medium-sized companies to easily introduce it. Hardware and software are simultaneously provided.
Effects of introduction: Cost reduction and stable supply
1. Cost reduction
Taking measures after the occurrence of a malfunction requires cause identification, (ordering materials), and troubleshooting. This requires a long downtime for the equipment, increasing the cost of the occurrence of the malfunction.
If preventive maintenance is performed based on the equipment conditions, necessary measures can be taken before the occurrence of an equipment malfunction. This reduces downtime, minimizing the required cost.
2. Stable supply
In the manufacturing industry, one of the biggest business issues is securing human resources. In particular, it takes time to secure and train human resources for engineering work including maintenance.  
When the system visualizes and simplifies the work conventionally performed by maintenance staff based on his/her experience or intuition, time required for human resource development can be shortened, contributing to the stable supply of products.


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