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Latest update: 02/09/2022 19:30:51

Fits International Ltd.

Changing familiar things to convenient and useful ones

We are confident in our ability to develop products and services that utilize piezoelectric wire sensors. Please consult us if you have any problem with regard to development using sensors.

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Outline of businesses, products, and technology
Business description and features
Our main businesses are to plan, develop, and wholesale apparel products and daily necessities, to sell simulation equipment, and to develop uses of sensors using piezoelectric wires. In particular, night clothing with low resilience and a vibration shock absorbing function has solved the inconveniences (cleaning for sanitation, etc.) of existing items such as mats, pillows, and cushions. We developed the first clothing capable of reducing the physical burden by adding shock and vibration absorbing and dispersion functions to night clothing. Now we are conducting joint research with Chiba University to apply this night clothing as care clothing to prevent bedsores.
Outline of main products and technology
Our company is now developing night clothing IoT. We have developed materials with low resilience and vibration & shock absorption. We manufacture bedsore-preventive night clothing utilizing the materials and attach cloth-like sensors for vital sign measurement. Measurement data is connected to various devices and systems to use for management and application. The purposes of IoT are to improve the self-awareness of people being cared for as well as health-oriented people with no disabilities, and to share information with health and medical condition managers, such as doctors and caregivers, without manual intervention from management. We also apply cloth-like sensors to other items to convert daily necessities to IoT.
Toward matching
We develop what are necessary for people to have a more comfortable life and deliver them to the people who need them. Our philosophy is to give happiness to people. We have strengths in planning and developing IoT products and services that are not yet available. Please feel free to consult us for development using sensing technology.

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