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Latest update: 19/10/2022 17:53:55

SOLTi Co.,Ltd.

Producing clay that is heated and granulated by a unique production method and that can be used for gardening, agriculture, water purification, etc.  

- Sintered and granulated clay placed under water for a long period of time delivers an effect of preventing water from decaying. Furthermore, the clay can be used to stabilize the quality of water used for purposes including farming and for filtering sewage.  
- The clay is mineral-rich and hardly contains organic matter. 99% of germs including mold and bacteria are sterilized by heat, and the seeds of weeds, parasites, and other types of harmful matter are killed by heat. Therefore, the clay is a product that can be used under both the ground and water with a sense of security. 
In addition, since it has high water retentivity, you can reduce the frequency of sprinkling water on the grass or the like.

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Sintered and granulated clay (for agriculture, gardening, water purification, and sewage filtering)
Sintered and granulated clay (for agriculture and gardening: Soltino)
- Soltino can be used as a culture medium for organic cultivation. While it is used, it can improve soil.  
In FY 2013, it was registered as a "New Environmental Technology/New Product in Gunma Prefecture".
Sintered and granulated clay (Natural Solti)
- Soil dedicated to sprouting and cutting grafting
The soil can, to some extent, prevent seeds from decaying and promote sprouting. In the case of cutting grafting, the soil reduces bacterial infections of the cut surface of the branch. 
In FY 2016, the soil was certified as a "Good Item In Gunma Prefecture".
Sintered and granulated clay (for water purification and sewage filtering) 
- The soil reduces blue-green algae, sludge, and various germs in ponds and lakes, changes water into an inorganic state, and keeps the water pH slightly acidic or neutral (maintenance free). 
In FY 2016, under cooperation with the Gunma Industrial Technology Center, we engaged in research and development regarding "Performance Evaluation of Bed Soil, Composed of Dried and Heated Red Clay, for Aquariums".



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