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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:31

Onuma Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

At Onuma Seisakusho K.K., we want to be the unsung hero supporting your day-to-day life. 

In order to provide quality and service that satisfies our clients, we at Onuma Seisakusho K.K. place a high value on communication, aiming to earn their trust. With our sophisticated processing technology, we have made the precision machining of resin products, which had previously been considered difficult, into a reality.  

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Summary of our business, products and technologies
Business outline and merits
We mainly produce and sell electrical insulating materials. We produce phenolic resin laminates which have been widely used in large quantities in various fields for many years. Their base materials are paper, cotton fabric, glass fabric, etc. depending on use or application. Since the heat resistance of the resin used is better than that of typical resin, as well as being strong and stable against various solvents and acid chemicals, our resin insulating materials are have an excellent overall balance in terms of electrical properties, mechanical properties, workability, and cost performance. Our cotton-based laminates in particular excel in mechanical workability and shock resistance. They are widely used for purposes such as electrical and mechanical components (including starters and gears). 
Summary of main products and technologies
Generally, epoxy resin excels in insulation properties, moisture resistance, dimension stability, chemical resistance, and adhesion properties. Especially, epoxy resin excels in alkaline resistance. The epoxy resin laminates with a glass fabric base material are classified into general type (G-10) and flame-retardant type (FR-4). Both types excel in mechanical strength, electrical properties, low water-absorption, and chemical resistance. The epoxy resin laminates with a carbon fabric base material excel in strength and elasticity. Those with a tetoron fabric base material excel in water resistance, high-frequency dependency, punching quality, abrasion resistance, as well as SF6 gas resistance. They are used in things such as electrical components and heavy electrical machinery (such as transformers and power generators).
Message from the President (initiatives for developing new distribution channels, putting J-GoodTech to use, and other information)
We were founded as a manufacturer of electrical insulating materials and have developed new technologies while maintaining tradition. Due to the diversifying needs of our clients, in the 1980s we introduced processing machinery and started focusing on cutting work. Since around 2000, in order to strengthen our systems for managing quality and environments, we obtained international certifications in quality and environmental management. In addition, actively introducing NC processing machines has allowed us to achieve high quality and short delivery times. Always aiming to have the best technology, all our employees are united and working hard. To achieve this aim, we will make the utmost efforts to meet our clients' requirements. 

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