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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:07

Crystal Systems Corporation

The world's top supplier of crystal manufacturing equipment!

We are the world's top company in equipment for applying infrared rays to materials and dissolving them to synthesize crystals.

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Overview of our business, products, technologies, etc.
Overview of our business and features
We are mainly engaged in manufacturing and sales of infrared single crystal growth equipment, single crystal products, and single crystal materials.

Our main products include quadruple ellipsoidal mirror-type infrared single crystal growth equipment (FZ devices), laser single crystal growth equipment, high-temperature molybdenum silicon heater furnaces, xenon-type ultra-high temperature heaters, and single crystal material products (such as LaB6, TiO2, and YIG). 

In the field of single crystal materials, we take full advantage of the technology that we have built up for manufacturing some of the world's top-ranking high-quality single crystals to supply single crystals of lanthanum hexaboride, titanium dioxide, yttrium iron garnet, and so on.
Overview of main products and technologies
Specific products include: infrared single crystal growth equipment (with O-ring shaft seal); infrared single crystal growth equipment (with magnetic fluid shaft seal), laser single crystal growth equipment, high-pressure laser single crystal growth equipment, xenon-type ultra-high temperature heaters, high-melting-point vitrifiers, Bridgman furnaces, high-temperature molybdenum silicon electric furnaces, vertical electric furnaces with rotary lift, single crystal material molders, crystal orientation cutters, tabletop polishers, quenching rollers, after-heater units, single crystal materials, and so on.
Message from the CEO (efforts to develop sales channels in the future, how we will use J-GoodTech, etc.)
Crystals are materials that consist of neatly-arranged molecules, and demonstrate their own characteristics with the highest sensitivity and accuracy. They are foundation materials indispensable to semiconductors and optical communications.

Our company has been supplying single crystal growth equipment for experiments and research to universities and institutes all over the world as a global company that manufactures and sells high-quality single crystal growth equipment using the floating zone method (FZ method) based on infrared rays.

We have achieved higher quality, higher functionality, and larger-diameter crystals by further upgrading the performance of the equipment, remote control using PC software, and other measures. Our efforts have received a high level of support from customers around the world.

We will continue to contribute to the further development and promotion of science and technology by providing advanced equipment.

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