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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:13


Please let Toa Chemical Co., Ltd. take care of your glossy surface treatments and hygiene needs.

If you have a need for (1) lamination, (2) coating, or (3) processing of desk pads, pouches and desk mats, or need (1) measures to prevent food poisoning in the food industry, (2) measures to prevent infection in medical/welfare industry, or (3) freshness maintenance systems for fruit and vegetables, please feel free to make an inquiry. 

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Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
Our main business is in glossy surface treatment and hygiene. Our surface treatment department handles surface treatment of printed materials (coating), antibacterial UV lamination/antibacterial press coating, surface treatment of printed materials (PP film adhesion), double-sided PET sheet adhesion, double-sided PVC sheet adhesion, desk mats, desk pads, and mouse pads.  Our hygiene department handles sales of slightly acidic electrolytic water generators and their related products, sales and application of mold prevention, antibacterial and algae prevention agents, and systems that maintain the freshness of vegetable and fruit for longer through ethylene gas decomposition. 
Overview of the main products and technologies
In our surface treatment business, we offer proposals for lamination for products that require a long lifespan, using film with superior resistance to breaking  For products that are quickly disposed of, we offer proposals for clean coating that takes recyclable materials and the environment into account, and has no negative effect on health. At a fundamental level, we offer many necessary treatments, including PP coating, matte PP coating, PP coating for packages, UV lamination, press coating and SS coating.  In our hygiene business, we offer proposals for hand disinfection with slightly acidic electrolytic water, which dry out your hands less than alcohol, and for measures against airborne infection through the spraying of slightly acidic electrolytic water using a compatible spray.  This measure has already been successfully tested at many hospitals and care facilities. 
Message by a representative (Initiatives for future market development and intensions on how to utilize J-GoodTech).
"Sustainable development" is an important key phrase today considering the world’s environmental problems.  There is a growing movement to break away from the traditional industrial structure of mass production and consumption and to switch to a recycling society. In a recycling society, reusing waste is required.  It is said that the 3 "Rs" are effective for waste treatment.  At Toa Chemical, we offer proposals for a processing that will prolong the lifespan of products that are to be used for a long time and that enables recycling and prevents the damage to the global environment and our health that is caused by disposable products. The fundamental principle of Toa Chemical's corporate activities is “global environmental protection,” and we actively support the recycling society of the 21st century. 

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