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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:12

Kobo Yamashita Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer that specializes in processing electrical machinery insulators and wood.

A production system that does not allow defective articles/high-quality finished products/shapes ideas
Constantly evolving Monozukuri craftsmanship. We are striving to become specialists that can handle any wooden product. 

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Insulation processing and wood products/furniture production
Insulation processing
We offer consignment production of insulators for heavy electric equipment. 
 By utilizing our woodworking skill, which is the foundation of Kobo Yamashita Co., Ltd., and using our unique expertise, for instance, in combining programmable machine tools with manual process using woodworking machines, we devise the optimal processing procedure based on the drawing and perform production.
 We will contribute to your profit through our production system with few mistakes and little waste produced and with high-quality production. 
Furniture making/woodworking
We accept order, manufacture and sell furniture such as tables using natural wood and shelves, interior and exterior wood products, original design furniture and everyday goods. 
 We also offer an order support service for every product.  We listen carefully to our customers' wishes, and we explore with the customer what they really want through "professional eyes," and offer proposals for products.
Contract processing
We propose improved processing methods and convertors for diverse requests from our customers (examination of or inquiries on sample production/test processing methods) by utilizing our network. 






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