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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:02

SOWA Co., Ltd.

We, a resin compound manufacturer, support the basis of a variety of industries which utilize plastics, such as the automobile and food industries.

Resin compounding is a technology in which an extruder or the like is used to add functions or performance to plastics by means of coloring, kneading, chemical reaction, and so on. As for casting cores, we are able to produce small- to medium-sized ones with complicated shapes and accessories by utilizing our original know-how.    

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[Description of business: Chemical business]
Plastic products have become indispensable to society. The resin compounding technology of SOWA Co., Ltd. supports the high functionality of plastic products, the applications of which have become more and more diversified as well as specialized, and aims at achieving the compatibility between bettering people's lives and the natural environment. We mainly manufacture highly functional resin compound pellets made of olefin-based resin and plastic pellets that will become part of food packaging materials, cosmetics packaging materials, automobile parts, and so on. Olefin-based resin is the plastic represented by polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), which are the most used resins in our daily lives. The plastics are processed and turned into grains, the diameter of which ranges from 3 to 5 mm, so that they will be easily molded in later processes. The grains are called "pellets". In order for our clients to produce better products, we manufacture pellets with stable quality by utilizing the know-how that we have so far nurtured.
[Description of business: Casting business]
Shell cores are a technology indispensable to shaping a space in cast products. We provide high-precision and high-quality shell products that match our clients' cast products with complicated shapes. We manufacture casting shell cores mainly for automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial purposes. The shell cores are used to produce molds of mass-produced products such as automobile parts. Compared with cast products made with general sand molds, those made with the above molds have high dimensional accuracy. Furthermore, our shell cores facilitate the production of molds and are suitable for mass-producing cast products with the same shape. We manufacture products by utilizing our experience in casting and applying know-how that has been nurtured since our foundation.  
[Message from the CEO]
Currently, we mainly engage in the following businesses: Producing casting cores for automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial machinery; producing functional plastic materials, mainly food packaging materials; and purchasing as well as selling plastic materials inside and outside Japan. The components produced by our company include those for shaping a space in cast products, and plastic pellets which are base materials of plastic products and to which functions are mainly added by means of chemical reactions. The components are not seen by typical consumers. However, we are involved in products very close to the public such as food packages, cosmetics packages, and automobile parts. With an awareness that "we support the basis of industries", we accumulate technology and aim at becoming "a company more and more indispensable to society".

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