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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:14

Daiko Product Co.,Ltd.

A Monozukuri craftsmanship company that creates what you imagine

Our company is a factory for sewing gloves and handbags.

We excel in three kinds of gloves (special work gloves, sports and outdoor gloves, and fashion gloves), and four kinds of bags (casual bags, sports and outdoor bags, pouches, and special-purpose bags).

From among these products, we particularly hope to propose special work gloves!

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Special work gloves
With safety, workability, durability, and price, we can make proposals for improved cost effectiveness!
We manufacture special work gloves with the following features to protect hands and enhance work performance during firefighting as well as other government-related activities and other kinds of work.

Cut-resistant gloves
Vibration-resistant (vibration-mitigating) gloves
Anti-puncture gloves
Abrasion-resistant gloves
Non-slip gloves
Waterproof gloves
We offer gloves with these and many other characteristics.

Currently, work gloves for worksites have these issues:
(1) They are disposable, so inexpensive items are preferred.
(2) There is no choice but to purchase existing products from manufacturers and retailers.
(3) If you want to make an original, the lot size is too large.
There are many requirements and disadvantages like these. As a result, we believe the current situation is that people are choosing from what is available on the market, although they would prefer something more functional and safer for use in their work.

We will continue to develop and supply gloves that are suitable for each worksite together with companies by combining our long-cultivated sewing technology with special materials. In addition, depending on the situation with regard to prices and lot sizes, we supply products separately for domestic Japanese and overseas production.

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