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Services to improve communication at workplaces, which nurture a psychological sense of security

Employees and executives/managers have their respective issues, either being “unable to voice their need for help” or being “unable to understand the real inner feelings of their employees and subordinates.”
Our service is aimed to help improve workplace environments and retain human resources by providing support for organizational improvement and employee care.

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For companies that are concerned about workplace communication and employee mental health
What is psychological safety?
This refers to an environment in which people feel free to express their opinions and feelings. The result of four years of research by Google’s shows that “psychological safety” is the key factor for creating successful teams.
Business content/features
1. We provide web applications and advisory support to companies, combining digital and physical services.

2. Our web applications use novel techniques and ingenuity to naturally ascertain employees’ feelings and working conditions (this is the point on which we focus the most).

3. Our monthly reports, which are based on application data, ensure early detection of workplace conditions, and our advisors provide the required support.  Our services are customized for each company.

4. We contribute to improvements in workplace conditions and mental healthcare. Our software is also useful for supporting the disabled.

5. Workplace communication is reduced owing to the circumstances of the times, such as the spread of remote work, and we provide support to offset the disadvantages this presents.
Recommended for companies like this
For companies thinking "We want to create an environment where employees work long-term; however, we are concerned about employees leaving us or taking a long-term leave."
For companies thinking "Although we talk to our employees, we have a hard time understanding their mentality."
For companies thinking "We would like to improve corporate engagement (mutual understanding between the company and employees) from a long-term perspective."
For companies thinking "Many employees work at home now, and are suffering from reduced communication and mental health problems." Or thinking "We are planning to adopt a work from home scheme."
For companies thinking "We would like to relieve the mental health problems of students who are studying online and reduce their teachers’ workloads."




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