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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:53

westy-industries Co.,Ltd.

Please entrust us with the sewing of duvet covers!

We are one of the few companies in Japan which carry out processes for producing covers, ranging from planning to production and delivery, in-house in an integrated fashion. We flexibly meet various needs of clients ranging from the planning to OEM production of genuine goods.

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With a desire to let many people know the beautiful pattern designs used by "Nonosute Shoten (1884-2002)", a weaving establishment dealing in high-end hemp fabric, and its traditional culture, we print the pattern designs on cotton, restoring them with modern color selection. 
"Nonosute Shoten" lasted nearly 120 years in Aisho Town, Echi District, Shiga Prefecture. Aisho Town was the town in which the production of Omi Jofu was popular because the Town had hemp fabric technology introduced from Kyoto in the Muromachi Period and rich water resources, and because merchants in the Omi Region were actively involved in the selling of Omi Jofu. 
We, a manufacturer whose factory is located in the same town of Aisho, helped give new life to "Nonosute". We carefully select the cloth, and our skillful craftsmen sincerely sew each of the cloth materials.
Hemp cushion covers made in the region of Lake Biwa
These are the cushion covers which we have completed by using hemp cloth produced by "Hayashiyo Co., Ltd.", a weaving establishment with a long history of producing hemp fabric in Aisho Town, and by receiving advice from Arthur Leitner, a former Louis Vuitton designer. The cushion covers will let you feel a taste of Japan.
Covers for easily covering the entire duvet
The futon covers won the 2018 Kids Design Award. These are well-crafted products that allow a child to easily put on and remove the futon cover by him/herself and can nurture their individuality. These are also recommended for elderly persons who have difficulty in exerting force with their fingers. 
(1) The futon covers are equipped with a U-shaped fastener.
(2) The sliders of the fastener are large, allowing the user to easily pinch them. 
(3) The double sliders allow the user to open or close the fastener at any point.
(4) Since a cord is attached to each slider, the slider can be easily recognized and pulled.
(5) The cover can be simply attached to the duvet not by a string, but by hook tape.

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