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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:18


We offer proposals for concrete structure repair and strengthening technology. 

We propose repair/strengthening technology for concrete structures such as bridges, tunnels, and retaining walls to contribute to the life elongation of social infrastructure.  Moreover, as a material to be used in repair and strengthening, we have developed “J-THIFCOM,” an ultra-dense, high-strength, and fiber-reinforced concrete that blocks deterioration factors for concrete structures (water, chloride ions, and carbon dioxide). We have conducted much repair/strengthening work successfully using this material. 

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Super dense advanced fiber reinforced concrete “J-THIFCOM”
What is J-THIFCOM?
“J-THIFCOM,” developed by our company, is an ultra-dense and high-strength material with an inorganic/organic fiber mixture rate of 4.0% vol., which gives it a high-performance matrix that can respond to changes in construction gradients.
Features of J-THIFCOM
(1) It possesses high compression strength (design compression strength of more than 130 N/mm2).
(2) It possesses crack resistance (design tensile strength of 9 N/mm2, crack generation strength of 6 N/mm2).
(3) It strengthens quickly and can be used to aid work period reduction and load release (high strength is achieved in one day).
(4) It is highly adhesive (adhesion strength more than 1.7 N/mm2)
(5) It is highly watertight and salt-preventive and has very low air permeability (less than 0.001 × 10-16 m2: Trent method)
(6) It can be mixed on-site/hit continuously (the same standard curing as general concrete).
(7) Repair can be made with thin layers of 20mm thickness.
Advantages of J-THIFCOM
When it is used as a material for the outer surface protection of structures (surface repair/reinforcement), it can prevent deterioration factors and enables life elongation for the structure. 
When it is installed on the top of the concrete floor system in bridges, it makes waterproof layering in the floor system redundant.