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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:33


Revolutionary! Mixing in 3 minutes!

By putting to use our techniques, including patented ones, TATECHS mixers provide industry-leading mixing performance and an easily-washable mixing drum. They improve productivity by not only mixing quickly and thoroughly, but also reducing the risks of contaminants and allergens.

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Sales Pitch

Mixing swiftly and skillfully -> High quality
Through control of the three elements of rotation, vibration, and diffusion, our mixers can evenly and stably mix raw materials that cannot easily be mixed due to small quantities, different specific gravities, etc.
Easily washable -> Measures against contaminants and allergens
With no shaft bearing inside, the drum has a simple structure. The opening is wide, with no blind spots, reducing work time and workload.
Usability -> Reduced workload
Since the height and angle of the mixer drum can be freely adjusted, workload can be reduced; for example, workers do not have to climb up and down on a stage or carry heavy raw materials to high places.



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