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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:05

Create Co.,Ltd.

We accommodate our customers' ideas with our unique micromachining technology. 

Our company produces parts that require composite processing such as screen printing, coating, painting, pressing, and adhesion. 
By customizing printers and presses to use them with our in-house developed techniques, we have achieved high productivity while maintaining high quality. 


Sales Pitch

Our company produce parts through composite processing - e.g., screen printing, coating, painting, pressing, and adhesion.
NC blast technology ”SBG light guide” (light guide plate) [Patents] JPN, USA
This is a light-guiding plate forging technology that adjusts the level of light scattering in a material using a processing that controls the collision density of sand blasted particles. 

It can directly work on resin workpieces and molding dies. 
Mass production is possible through form transfer of gradation patterns. 
By saving the condition data, it can accommodate die and mold maintenance. 
Resin film black spin hairline [Patents] JPN, USA
We are capable of deep black spin using transparent resin circuit boards using a special black ink for printing before glossy spin treatment. 
SUS Ring Cap - Surface treatment: hurricane + tornado (Latest technology, devised in-house)
Can be used for a variety of surface treatments.  The photograph shows a combination of the stretching and opening pattern from the involution line processing on the disc surface (bending to the left) and the spiral pattern from the helical line processing on the side of the cylinder (right twist).

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