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Latest update: 03/03/2020 11:09:31

Coder Co., Ltd.

A group of engineers with the slogan, “We never say ‘We cannot do it’”!

Since we started our business, we have developed many types of equipment such as semiconductor measuring equipment, test equipment for simulation equipment used in space, industrial equipment, consumer equipment, and medical equipment. We perform both trial manufacturing of just one product and mass production. Recently, we have been conducting research and development of self-developed products.

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Sales Pitch

We perform all design work in-house for manufacturing. We have staff members who have extensive experience in each department. Therefore, we can make a variety of proposals. Please directly check the experience, knowledge, and technology we have accumulated over the past 35 years.
[Business Description]
• Circuit design (OrCAD)
• Circuit board design (Allegro and cadvance)
• FPGA design (verilog HDL and VHDL)
  =>Xilinx and Intel
• Casing design (Autodesk)
• Software development
• Circuit board manufacturing, parts mounting, casing manufacturing (sheet metal and resin)
• Member procurement (electronic parts and others)
• Standby cables, vacuum cables, manufacturing of various harnesses
• Trial assembly / mass production assembly
• Operation tests
[Development results]
● Test equipment / evaluation equipment (related to aerospace)
● Medical devices (glaucoma testing equipment)
● LVDS data conversion BOX
 After importing data from a CMOS camera and converting it, you can transfer the 10 G data to a tester in real time.
● Supercomputer boards
 PCI-Express (Gen2), Broadcom (PEX9797), Zynq UltraScale + MPSoC + DDR4 SO-DIMM
● 10 gigabit Ethernet PCI-X board
 10GBase-SR (XFP), Transceiver (3.125Gbps × 4 lanes) and PHY (XGMII156.25MHz)
● MPC8377 (SoC) boards
 PCI-Express (Gen1) and gigabit Ethernet 5 ports
● Design of applications for smartglasses
 USB Type-C (Cypress CCG3), display port receivers, and OLED drivers (organic EL)
● Multi-channel power supply (1)
 ±20 V, 300 mA, 64 ch/board (up to 256 ch), and GPIB control
● Multi-channel power supply (2)
+0.6 V/2 A to +12 V/2 A and −4.5 V/2 A to 12 V/2 A
26 ch (1000 W max) in total
● High-voltage power supply
 ON/OFF outside 0 to 1000 V (10 mA) variable voltage (set and fixed)
● Design of reference light sources for tiny electrical current
 LED tiny luminescent devices (1 μA or less)
● Light conversion units
* Other various development achievements

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