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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:08

Seiwa Denshi Co.,Ltd.

We, a company specializing in soldering, have the shared responsibility of producing electronic equipment, contributing to an IT society.

We are a manufacturer specializing in electronic circuit printed boards. In an integrated fashion, we receive supplied articles and produce, inspect, as well as deliver products. We have independently modified DIP soldering baths, enabling flow soldering. This leads to the shortening of the lead time, the reduction of costs, and the improvement of product quality. We are able to receive orders for processes ranging from trial production to mass production.  

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Contract-based production and manufacturing technologies
- Special technology, "parts to be installed to solder sides later"
In the past, regarding parts to be installed to solder sides later, manual soldering was performed. However, we have independently modified DIP soldering baths, enabling flow soldering. This is intended to shorten the lead time, reduce costs, and improve product quality. 
- Complying with the RoHS (Restricting the use of Hazardous Substances) Directive
In order to protect the global environment, we are able to manufacture lead-free circuit boards that contain no "lead", a hazardous substance regulated under the RoHS Directive for preventing the spread of environmental pollutants. 
For reflow processes, we use a cutting-edge nitrogen reflow furnace with eight zones, and for DIP soldering processes, we use a nitrogen-gas-containing automatic solder tank.  
- Installation
Regarding the size of print boards, we are able to handle M-type boards (460 mm X 335 mm) or smaller ones. We are able to install 0603 ultra-micro chips, large QFP (Quad Flat Packages), BGA (Ball Grid Arrays), and long connectors onto the above boards. 
- Inspection
Regarding the inspection of printed circuit boards, we inspect the soldered areas by using a magnifying glass and a microscope, and the parts by using an appearance tester. 
Then, we use an in-circuit tester to electrically inspect each part. We perform this inspection to discover failures, such as the installation of an incorrect number of parts, wire disconnection, and micro short of connectors or IC leads, which cannot be discovered by visual inspection or appearance inspection equipment. 
Furthermore, by using a function tester, we check the operation and functions of electric circuits configured on printed circuit boards.

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