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Aiming for the De-facto Standard of Soldering Irons

Our company overcame the challenge of temperature control during manual soldering by developing an original temperature control technology, the LA method (temperature control under load). The LA method soldering iron, the only one of its kind globally, allows anyone to perform precise work, reducing the occurrence of defective products.

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LA Method (temperature control under load)
Visualizing the Invisible Temperature
You can apply control by detecting the temperature between the base material and the solder at the iron tip with the temperature sensor attached to the iron tip. With commonly available irons, the temperature sensors are typically attached between the iron tip and the heating section. The differences in the distances between the sensor attachment points and the iron tips result in differences in the accuracy of detecting the actual temperature changes. The LA method soldering iron allows you to grasp the actual temperature changes in real-time accurately. The actual temperature display on the controller helps you recognize the temperature changes that have previously been hidden.
Extending The Service Life of the Iron Tip
The key to extending your iron tip's service life is to lower the temperature setting. Our LA soldering iron has a temperature sensor on the iron tip, allowing quick heat recovery during soldering. The structural design increases the thermal capacity at the iron tip, which reduces the temperature drop of the tip. These features make it possible to lower the temperature setting and still perform the same soldering operation as before. Moreover, soldering at low temperatures can reduce thermal damage to the board and components.
The World's Only Custom-made Iron Tip
When It is Difficult to Work with Standard Models
We accept orders for custom-made tips from one piece.
This is a one-of-a-kind tip specializing in solving your specific issues such as quality improvement and productivity enhancement. Thus, you can expect to reduce working hours.
Applications are not limited to soldering but also include resin caulking, preheating, and so on. Plating and surface treatment vary depending on the customer's application.

Consultation, drawing, and quotation are all available free of charge. Please consider making special iron tips that are just for you.


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