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We contribute to the development of  society with the kind of manufacturing that makes an impression

Making full use of the core technologies of sputtering, photolithography, and etching, we develop, design, produce, and sell capacitive touch sensor substrates for vehicles and industrial applications. Thanks to our sophisticated thin vacuum film deposition methods and high-precision photolithography and etching, we develop and produce many products in thicknesses of nm or μm, supplying products to manufacturers of vehicles and aircraft all over the world.

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Manufacturing based on core technologies
Sputter deposition technology
This is a manufacturing method made up of the following processes: (1) Inert gases (mainly, Ar gas) are introduced into a vacuum, (2) at the same time, a high-voltage DC current is applied between the substrate and the target (a substance, such as ITO, which will be formed into a film), (3) the ionized Ar is collided with the target, and then (4) the sputtered target substance is formed into a film on the substrate. 
Photolithography technology
This is a technique for creating minute patterns, based on photographic development technology.
When an operator applies a thin coating of photosensitive liquid called photoresist to a substrate of glass or similar, and then irradiates the photoresist with UV rays, the color of the irradiated part changes. Then, exposing the substrate to a "developing fluid," as in the case of photographic development, generates specified pattern on the substrate. 
Etching technology
A high-precision processing technique based on photographic development technology. Development and printing are performed, and then parts without photoresist membrane are removed by etching. 

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