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Company supporting all processes: "Trial production", "production of metal molds and jigs", and "mass-production"

We make proposals for more effective production in all processes including "trial processing of metal parts", "production of metal molds, jigs, and equipment", and "mass-production".
By utilizing the know-how that we have nurtured for 60 years since our foundation, and by collaborating with domestic or overseas partners in materials or part processing, we meet various requirements for manufacturing.

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Description of business
Flow of manufacturing
By utilizing the know-how that we have nurtured for 60 years since our foundation, and by collaborating with domestic or overseas partners in materials or part processing, we support the efficiency of all processes ranging from trial production to the production of metal molds, jigs, as well as equipment and mass-production.
<Flow of manufacturing>
(1) [Trial production] Trial production optimum for specifications, processing difficulty, and delivery deadlines 
We are able to produce various prototypes satisfying specifications such as the following: Various forms (metal powder forms, optical shaping, and inkjet forming), sheeting (steel, iron, and aluminum), cutting (resin, aluminum, and iron), and springs. We are ready to provide support for processes including planning, which is a process for shaping clients' ideas, and design, trial production, as well as mass-production. Accordingly, our clients can feel a sense of security. We have confidence in producing products in small lots and in delivering them in a short period. Please feel free to contact us. Furthermore, in place of our clients, we perform various tests including tensile tests, creep rupture tests, and fatigue tests, produce test specimens, investigate materials, and carry out other tasks.
(2) [Metal molds, jigs, and equipment]
Designing as well as producing metal molds and selling equipment used in factories
We undertake turning processes, machining, cylindrical grinding, inside diameter polishing, surface grinding, electro-discharge machining, wire machining, 3D measurement, and metal mold design as well as production (press, resin, and die-cast molds). Furthermore, we sell equipment used in factories which includes washers, dedicated machines, robots (for transportation, box packing, or welding), heat treatment furnaces (carburizing or vacuum furnaces), coating equipment (PVD), heat treatment jigs (baskets), stands, and handcarts.  
(3) [Mass-production] As part of the processes of producing finished products, for example, we undertake processes ending with assembling finished products. 
We perform mass-production processes including header processing, cutting machining, forging, press molding, resin molding, friction welding, MIM, lost wax, and the production of pressed, resin-molded, or die-cast parts. Furthermore, as part of the processes of producing finished products, for example, we undertake processes, ending with assembling finished products, to satisfy clients' requirements. 
Our website shows "examples of our lines of business". Please check it out if you are interested.
Materials that we handle
We pursue the possibilities of materials in various ways, utilize the properties of various types of materials with various shapes, and apply the knowledge and networks that have been nurtured during the many years of our history. Through these measures, we propose materials suitable for clients' requirements or purposes such as cost reduction, delivery-period reduction, and accuracy improvement.
<Material shapes>
We handle materials with various shapes including round‐bar steels, flat steels, wire rods, bar steels, steel plates, tubes, deformed drawn steels, and machine-finished plates. Their strength and costs vary depending on their shapes and purposes. Takagi Steel Co., Ltd. proposes optimum shapes in response to concerns of or requests from clients. 
<Material types>
We are able to propose not only special steels with various shapes, but also various materials including non-ferrous products, resin, and rubber. The details of the materials are described below.  
-Aircraft materials: Ni-, Fe-, or Co-based heat resistant alloys, stainless steels, low alloy steels, titanium alloys, and aluminum alloys
-Cold tool steels: SLD-MAGIC, SKD11, SKS, and SK
-Hot work tool steels: DAC-MAGIC and SKD61
-Plastic-molding die steels: HPM-MAGIC, HPM-PRO, HPM1, HPM7, HPM38, HPM75, HPM77, and CENA1
-High-speed steels: SKH51, SKH55, SKH57, HAP, YXR, and DURO
-Steels for special purposes: SUS (SUS304, SUS440C, SUS630, etc.), SUJ (SUJ2 and so on), and heat-resistant steels (SUH, Inconel, Nimonic, Waspaloy, A286, etc.) 
-Steels for general structures: Logs (S45C, SCM415, SCM435, SNCM439, SACM645, etc.) and flat steels (S50C and SCM440) 
-Cold-finished steels: Polished steels (SUJ2, SK, SKS, SKD11, and SKH) and drawn steels (SS400, S45C, SCM435, and SUJ2)
-Common steels: Die steels (L-, C-, and H-shaped steels) and steel plates (SPCC, SPHC, SECC, SEHC, color steel plates, punching metal, and expanded metal), gauge steels, and sintered hoops
-Forgings: S55C, SUS, and so on 
-Fused steels: SS400, S48C, SCM, etc.  
-Pipes: For machine structural use (STKM and S45C), for hydraulic piping (OST2), for general structures (STK400 and STKR400), SUS-based pipes, and aluminum-based pipes
-Carbide steels: Wear resistant ones for general purposes (G2, G3, G4, G5, etc.) and carbide steels for special purposes or cutting
-Non-ferrous metals: Aluminum (1050, 2017, 5052, 5056, 6063, 7075, etc.), copper (chromium copper, brass, tough pitch copper, cuprotungstite, etc.), and titanium (pure titanium, Ti-6Al-4V, ASTMF136, etc.)
-Resins: POM, PP, ABS, PET, MC nylon, etc.
-Rubber: Natural rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, urethane rubber, fluorine rubber, silicon rubber, etc.
Aircraft materials
We have obtained EN 9120 certification (which is equivalent to AS 9120 certification). It is recommended that aircraft materials be procured from distributors who have obtained the certification. The certification is not given to companies unless they have an environment in which products to be sold and defective products are strictly managed and have various operation manuals. We believe that the mission of our company, a supplier of aircraft materials, is to satisfy our clients. 
We mainly propose heat-resistant steels including Inconel 718 and A286. While meeting clients' requirements and controlling inventories for each client, we cut such materials and sell a small quantity of the materials.
Die-cast business
We, a professional in solving issues related to metal molds, support processes including designing as well as producing die-cast metal molds, producing prototypes by using the metal molds, and mass-producing parts.
You may already be working with another metal mold manufacturer, but we believe that you still have issues related to metal molds. Please regard us as your partner who will try to find solutions to solve such issues, will consider ideas in collaboration with you, and will solve the issues.

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