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One Stop Shopping/Company providing services in a one-stop manner 

We deliver a variety of products, regardless of their materials, in a short delivery period.
In our factory, the short delivery period can "further be shortened."
Based on our company's network, we collaborate with companies in Korea and Taiwan to expand our product line.
By utilizing our own network, we can search for used or discontinued products 

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Metal, resin, Selatex, quartz, silicon, and processed goods
Delivery in a very short timeframe
In our factory, we produce metal worked articles as well as resin finished products and deliver them in a very short delivery period. Even if our factory cannot produce the product, we respond to customers' needs by utilizing our own "subcontracted factory network." 
Ceramics, quartz, and silicon processed products
We deliver products in a short period by utilizing our own "subcontracted factory network." 
Surface treatment, thermal spraying, alumite treatment, plating, grinding, and painting
We perform production processes including surface treatment. We can perform the following processes:
-Thermal spraying (on ceramics and metal)
-Various alumite treatment 
-Ion plating
-Fine mirror polishing
-Baking finishing
-Various types of plating
Used products and discontinued parts
We search for parts of general industrial machines, semiconductor production equipment, etc.
By utilizing our own "used parts network," we procure parts, used parts, etc. of discontinued motors, drivers, controllers, semiconductor production equipment, etc. or procure the above used machines, from foreign countries. 
Parts of semiconductor production equipment
By utilizing our own "used parts network," we procure new, used, or refurbished parts from foreign countries.
AMAT, TEL, Lam, etc.
Electrostatic chucks (ESC)
From new production to repair (recycling) of electro static chucks
New production (including design), repair, and recycling of electrostatic chucks
We produce electrostatic chucks for semiconductor production equipment and research & development equipment. In addition, we produce renewable electrostatic chucks. 



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