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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:47

Sansho Shoji Co., Ltd

Connecting more than 5,000 business partners through a network of 19 offices in Japan and abroad

With mobility, electronics, industrial machinery, telecommunications and software, and everyday life as our main domains, we supply products, services, and various other kinds of value.


Sales Pitch

Features of our company
Creating various business models
With a diverse group of manufacturers and product lineups, and by providing a wealth of product knowledge and technical information, we are recognized as a business partner by our customers in Japan and abroad.

Our company's strength is our highly agile small-scale logistics.

We have built a stance that differs from that of major trading companies, which use their own computer systems and have huge logistics warehouses and means of transportation. We contribute to creating new value in the sale of single materials and parts, and also in bulk logistics of component parts, outsourced processing, and so on.
A network that extends worldwide
To survive in the age of mega-competition, strengthening international competitiveness will be increasingly required in the future.

Our company aims to provide value that knows no borders, and we have been enhancing our functions to meet customer needs.

We will further strengthen our partnerships with major domestic manufacturers with advanced technologies as well as overseas local companies, and deliver products with improved cost performance and environmentally friendly products through our global network of sites in Japan and abroad.
Extensive lineup of businesses
Semiconductors and electronics
Information and communication
Home electronics, etc.
ERP systems
Food and agriculture
Medicine, nursing care, wellness
Home electronics and other business
It has been 50 years since we entered the home electronics business.

Various materials are used in home electronics, from precision parts to cables. Our company can propose optimal materials to you by making use of the rich network of suppliers in Japan and abroad that we have cultivated over the past 50 years.

We have extensive know-how in bulk distribution for delivering materials that make up home appliances to customers, as well as VMI.

We also excel at proposing jigs and tools for precision processing and equipment related to manufacturing sites.
Energy business
We recognize that the preservation of the global environment is an important issue for humanity. We are committed to continuously improving the world's environment in all aspects of our corporate activities, and we are working on the rechargeable battery business as an environmentally friendly clean energy business.

The use of rechargeable batteries is expanding in various fields including automobiles, mobile terminals, and digital home electronics, and the market for rechargeable batteries is expected to grow in the future as a source of clean energy. We provide solutions in a variety of processes, from raw materials to finished products.
ERP systems
With SS-Sophie, a cloud-based mission-critical business system, and Synquery, its integrated development and operation platform, we propose an in-house development model and a service model that can solve corporate issues through in-house production ERP. With this, in SS-Sophie we have developed a concept to contribute to the revitalization of enterprises by providing an environment where they can enjoy benefits beyond just system usage through human resource training.

SS-Sophie is a Web-based system designed and developed based on the business style of medium-sized trading firms. It manages orders received, orders placed, purchases, sales and inventory status, processes applications and approvals for expenses and payments, manages special information such as bills and exchange contracts, and links the input information to accounting journal entries. In addition to daily, monthly, and annual financial statements, the system also has functions for outputting sales plan management as well as management decision documents and so on. It helps to improve business and management efficiency by centrally managing all information from sales management to accounting management.

This system is developed and managed on the Synquery Web platform, which is a platform developed in Japan for system development, operation, and maintenance on the Web. Synquery is a total platform for Web-based system development, operation, and maintenance, so SS-Sophie itself can be developed, maintained, operated, and so on entirely on a browser.

SS-Sophie allows users to freely add any functions they need, which is a change of perspective from the conventional business model that assumes expensive customized development. It includes flexible services such as developer training, where you can develop whatever functions you need on your own, and form creation lectures, which enable you to dynamically respond to business operations that require various output methods. This enables flexible system support.

These systems are more than just tools that you use. They are services that you can develop and enhance on your own.

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