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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:49

DynaxT Co.,Ltd.

SI (system integration) business, medical system business, maintenance/operation support, running the MathPub (Mathematics Programming universal book) website, providing programming lessons, and other businesses 

We have been providing medical packages such as systems for managing operating rooms, catheterization laboratories, as well as medicine, DWH (data warehouse) construction for business analysis, and systems for visualizing hospital information. We have been running the MathPub website, the world's first website for sharing materials for teaching mathematics to 6- to 15-year-old students with users all over the world. Furthermore, we have been engaging in businesses such as the development of a smartphone app to serve as a guide for sightseeing spots.

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Description of business
MathPub (a tool for automatically creating calculation questions)
MathPub is a cloud service that mainly supports logic education achieved by the creation of computational problems. 
Supporting the above creation, which is creative thinking training, enables students to develop "logic expansion capabilities" for understanding and generalizing the structures of computational problems. Learners who are able to create computational problems by using MathPub are able to independently understand the processes leading to an answer, the essence of the computational problem, and what is being asked. They can also explain the essence in an objective manner.     
This means that the learners can deeply understand the problem and have "logic expansion capabilities" for understanding as well as generalizing the correlations among the numerical values in the problem. We demonstrate MathPub in events in various places and have held contests for creating computational problems.
Control/built-in software development business
[Remote monitoring system]
A locally installed control panel plays the central role in monitoring and controlling equipment for purposes such as maintaining factories or buildings as well as controlling cooling and heating. In this regard, have you ever felt inconvenience due to or been frustrated by the operation of the control panel? For example, an abnormality alarm is activated, but the lamps on the control panel merely turn on. In order to operate the control panel, the switches need to be directly turned on/off. Or, you need to go to the site to monitor the operational status such as the temperature. 
Introducing the remote monitoring system of DynaxT enables you to monitor and operate the target equipment through your smartphone. In case of an abnormality such as the activation of an alarm, a notification e-mail is automatically sent to your smartphone. Various data items on measurement and operational status such as temperature data are automatically accumulated in the cloud server and can be confirmed by means of lists, graphs, documents, etc.
Medical system development business
We provide systems for uniformly managing the distribution of medicine and medical supplies in medical workplaces.
In addition, we provide systems for analyzing information on the consumption or procurement of the above things from every angle, showing the analyzed information graphically, and visualizing it as management indexes. 
SI business
Do you have any problems in day-to-day tasks? 
DynaxT develops systems which can solve clients' issues or difficult problems. We develop systems that focus on designing intuitively easy-to-understand business processes. 
Our representative achievement is the contract-based development of systems for an electric power company. In addition, we have developed systems for sales support, handy/mobile devices, construction acceptance/application, weather report provision, and other purposes.

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