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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:32

Furukawa Electric Industrial Technology Inc.

A one-stop service for mechanical-parts, from prototyping, assembly, and parts procurement to mass production

Seventy-eight years have passed since our foundation. We process and procure a wide range of parts, made of everything from metal to resin. We can deal with everything from material processing, surface processing, heat treatment, and buffing in an integrated fashion, covering sheet-metal machining, press working, chemical product processing, and other types of machine processing. Furthermore, we also specialize in producing subassemblies of parts for communication devices and equipment.


Sales Pitch

[Business outline and merits]
By performing precision press processing, precision sheet-metal processing, and chemical product processing, we produce and sell communication device housings, accessories for such devices, and computer parts. We not only process parts, but also provide a one-stop service based on a network of more than 100 small factories, as well as products assembled from parts those factories make. At the design stage, we support production and development that takes into account VE (value engineering) for the production methods, material selection, treatment, and components to be used.
Message from the President (initiatives for developing new distribution channels, putting J-GoodTech to use, and other information)
In view of doing business on a global scale, we have recruited employees who are good at English and created an English website. From now on, while focusing on clients who perform trial production, design, or development, we will make use of our traditional capabilities in high-mix low-volume production in short delivery periods, further expanding the network of small factories that enables use to offer the processing of prototypes, assembly of products, and provision of components as a one-stop service. Furthermore, we will also provide support for start-up companies in Japan and abroad. We will develop new distribution channels by making full use of J-GoodTech.
[Not only processing precision parts, but also providing a one-stop service that includes surface treatment, heat treatment, and parts assembly]
For clients who would like to reduce their number of suppliers, we process and procure parts, managing delivery deadlines and quality in an integrated fashion. For 78 years, we have been delivering precision parts to famous companies. Using this track record, we deliver high-quality parts in short delivery times. Even when your company cannot determine appropriate suppliers, we manage factories engaged in various processes such as sheeting, molding, and cutting work, shipping products that have undergone processes from material processing to surface treatment. These surface treatments include plating, painting, alumite treatment, buffing, and more. Heat treatment includes processes such as high-frequency hardening, nitriding treatment, and sandblasting. We use a network of more than 100 carefully selected small factories providing these processes, allowing experts in each field meet our clients' needs!  

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