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Our Strength Lies in Plastic Extrusion Molding Equipment

Our company develops and manufactures plastic processing machinery, mainly extrusion molding equipment. We have earned a great deal of trust by providing customers with equipment that responds to the rapid development of the industry.

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[Company Profile]
[Business Line]
Various general extrusion machines and molds
Film forming equipment
Sheet forming equipment
Pipe and tube forming equipment
Pellet molding equipment
Foam extrusion machines
Coat forming machines
Extrusion equipment for composite molding (multilayer film, sheet, pipe deformations, etc.)
Extruders for basic research
Other extruders and auxiliary equipment for molding special resins and composite materials
[Features of Plastic Extruders]
Power transmission unit (reducer)
The gears are made of special steel and have passed careful inspections during production. The thrust bearings selected are the ones with enough allowance. These units can withstand harsh and prolonged continuous operations.

Cylinder section
Nitrided steel with high abrasion resistance is our standard option; however, special steels with higher abrasion resistance or high corrosion resistance (Hastelloy type, HIP, H-alloy) may be used depending on the application. The feeder is designed to ensure the stable feeding of raw materials.

We select the most suitable shape and steel type for the intended use and install the one with high performance and abrasion/corrosion resistance. We can also bore a cooling hole in the center for cooling and temperature control.

Cylinder heating and temperature control
Typically, we adopt an electrical resistance heating method and divide it into adequate heating zones. To prevent abnormal temperature rise caused by abrasion heat of the resin, an air- or water-cooling mechanism is installed, and heating and cooling are controlled for each zone by an automatic temperature controller. These measures ensure operation in a stable temperature condition at any time. We can enhance the accuracy even more by using thyristors together. Induction heating and jacketed heating with oil/steam heating are also available upon request.

Control panel
The control panels have temperature controls for the extruder's/die's individual heating zones, instruments for measuring resin temperature and pressure, and motor controls for the extruder and auxiliary equipment to ensure stable operation of the machine. We can also incorporate process controllers, computer controls, and other functions.
[Representative's Message]
Our company has an excellent track record in developing and manufacturing plastic production machinery, mainly extrusion molding machines. While promptly responding to the rapid development of the plastic industry, we have developed many machines and met customers' needs appropriately, thereby earning a great deal of trust. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with plastic extrusion molding machines.

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