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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:04

Toku Corporation

Capillaroscope device production, sales, and consultation We can also conduct analysis (capillary vessel analysis/evaluation).

Toku Co., Ltd. offers a diverse range of support from “demonstrations” to “installation workshops.” 

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Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
This high-quality capillaroscope can be used both on a desk and as a handheld device and has a wide-ranging zoom function.  As it is detachable from its stand and can be used as a handheld device, it enables observation of skin texture, sebum, and bloodstream in the skin and scalp, in addition to bloodstream observations in fingertips. It is an advanced microscope that can be used both on a desk and as a handheld device. As it can be detached from its stand and used as a handheld device, it is possible to observe bloodstream in any body surface, including skin, scalp, and toe. 
Overview of the main products and technologies
Our capillary blood analysis software includes capillary vessel analysis software, clinical trial support and analysis evaluations.  The capillary vessel analysis software enables analysis of video filmed by researchers (AVI format).  Furthermore, our observation support service includes the rental of a capillaroscope, its related equipment, and support staff, and their delivery to your desired location.  For instance, our observation and recording support for research subjects offers tips in how to observe changes in vascular flow of the research subject and support in how to operate the equipment in the laboratories of universities and private companies.  We also have the option to save the recorded images/videos.
Message by a representative (Initiatives for future market development and intensions on how to utilize J-GoodTech).
We offer high-quality capillaroscopes that can be used both on a desk and as handheld devices, capillary vessel analysis software, and analysis evaluation.  We can accommodate problems in various fields, including medicine, beauty, and health. Please feel free to contact us with any problem.


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