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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:49

Overseas Technology Co., Ltd.

We continue to challenge ourselves to create products that are reliable and make our customers happy. 

Through a network that incorporates our in-house precision sheet -metal factory and subcontract factories, we perform processing of sheet metal, from small and thin plates (0.1 t or more) to large-scale precision sheet metal, as well as various forms of plating, finish coating and printing (curving). 

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
Manufacturing that will satisfy customers and earn their trust. 
We can accommodate high-mix low-volume and quick delivery production. We accept batch orders that includes everything from prototype making to mass production and machine processing. We have acquired ISO9001 certification.

We manufacture/sell precision sheet metal, device frames and precision mechanical parts used in, for instance, local wireless disaster warning systems, semiconductor/industrial machines, electronic/communicaiton devices and defense equipment. One-stop solutions from design and drawing to assembly. 
We design, manufacture, assemble and sell parts for waveguides and antennas for microwave and milometer wave devices used in communication and broadcasting. 
Control panels for system control and installation of electric equipment.
Overview of main products and technologies
Through a network that is made up of our in-house precision sheet-metal factory and our subcontract factories, we perform processing of sheet metal, from small and thin plates (0.1 t or more) to large precision sheet metal, as well as various types of plating, finish coating and printing (curving). 
We have an established J.I.T. shipment/inventory system that enables us to offer substitute warehouse functions for our users. 
Starting from die and mold design/production, we perform precision pressing/drawing of materials from small and thin plates (0.1 t or more) to 150 t pressing, various types of plating, and finish coating. 

The precision machining that we perform includes:
High-precision, high-mix low-volume processing of both metal and non-metal materials. 
Large aluminum chamber up to 1.5 × 2.5 × 1.0 m. 
Message from the representative
Our basic principle is to quickly accommodate the customers' needs, which change daily, by fully utilizing our network and the total management ability that we have been nurturing as a trading company since our establishment, and the capacities of our in-house factory and affiliate factories as a manufacturer.
Since January 2014, we have been renewing our structure with a new President, Board Directors and shareholders to reborn as a stronger, more reliable, and reassuring company. 
In October 2015, we established a one-stop solution that includes everything from design and manufacture to assembly to provide reliable and appealing quality to our customers. 

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